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By Matthew4227
My Fiance has been battling cancer for the past 12 years. She has an extremely rare Bone Cancer that grew onto her Orbital Socket. Causing her to unfortunatley lose her Left eye along with severe, severe pain on that side of her face. On a daily basis, she is now prescribed 5 800 MG of Fentora a day for Breakthrough pain, 4 80 MG of Oxy Contin, 4 40 Mg of Oxycontin, all per day. On top of medicine for sleep, depression and anything else the pain clinic has decided to give her over the years. Now, unfortunatley, with receiving all of the medication in the mail at a 3 month supply and NOTHING to monitor the intake of the medication, she is 100% highly addicted. They suspect if she were to go less than 24hours without any type of Narcotic, she would absolutley throw her body into cardiac arrest and her heart will stop. With that said, OUR biggest problem is the medication itself. Some days are worst than others and with NO way at all to monitor her intake, she may take more on some days, but never less. Within that 3 month supply of medication, she has a very rough last 2 weeks because she has run out completley... We take her to the Hospital, they give her something for the pain and the withdrawls but no way she can get her script earlier than the Alotted time. NONE, of this would happen if she had a steady "release" time for her medication.. I feel as thouggh if she had a "Safe" type device with a time release of each pill given at the appropriate time, it would NEVER result in anyone overtaking, running out, as well as always having the illness taken care of by the right doses. I feel that this could be an asset in Schools, Hospitals, nursing homes, hospital rooms, and in homes.. The Doctor would write a script for the medication as well as the safe. The Pharmacy would fill the safe, set it to the proper dosage and times taken, the cusomter picks it up, brings it home and now NO WAY to over take, abuse, or run out completley. Obviously an adult or superior would have the master key if anything were to happen or go wrong and have access to refilling the safe, resetting, etc. The customer/patient brings the safe back to the pharmacy for either refill or to give back. This would eliminate 100% of young kids stealing medication, abusing them, taking them improperly, over taking, etc. Holds everyone accountable. If for any reason the safe is tampered with, mistreated, anything, the pharamasist knows that abuse may be happening. I have diagrams, printouts, research, anything needed so please, if you have any questions to let me know. I apologize if this isnt the most in information. Any and all questions or concerns will be answered immediatly. I would hate to see anyone else go through what she is currently with her Medication. Thank you all and God Bless.

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By Jras
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