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By bubbler
pedometer, steps, inclines, speed, and even calorie counters could keep your efforts recorded for future comparison. throw in a simple program easily accessible to create exercise charts custom talored to your workout.

this would not only benefit the physical extremists, but also help diabetics, obesity, physical therapy, athletes, dietary records, and cardiovascular specialists.

link up to a program to plug in your diet, and let your phone let you know if your lazy or fit as a to speak.
By bubbler
They can handle almost as much info as a laptop, but without the larger drives for storage and big programs.

the key to their fast function, is the ramdom tetracycles the main borad goes through every fraction of a second. the main CPU only needs to handle the small programs and button commands, while the seperate graphics/video circuits handle the rest. throw in a few applications specially designed for this and you get blazing speeds.

long for short, you would only need 4 droids to re-start the entire social security database (1 for each region) and do it rather fast if you had the right application programs.
By Jras
So does it estimate the calories you burnm or is it linked [wirelessly?] to a device attached to the users body to send real time info?
By bubbler
a small and very accurate sensor (same kind nasa uses for tests) is externally worn and reads our bodies energy level. at high demands, we burn calories, fat, or sugars..and when its down to reserves we actually burn muscle. this device could tell people what their levels are and how to improve their awareness.

this is where the "smart app" would come in, decoding all the info into a very easy to use program with recording features for further analysis on a computer using charts, graphs, and custom tailored settings for different users.

i have plenty of more features that could be tied into this. especially for diabetics./

imagine someone with low bloodsugar getting a message to take insulin or eat a light snack..long before they have to draw blood for that reading.

save lives, save money, save landfills, save time. no downside!
By bubbler
in english..yes. doing all the little things that medical and personal industry really needs. instead of targeting the "largest consumer group", i think the majority group deserves this upgrade. throw in a few little details like the "jog with music" that talors your rhythm and automatic upload of workout to your computer or whatever your using at the time.

plenty more little details to plug in, but the basic function is important.

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