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By javaz99
Get your jammies for Christmas morning festivities! Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew
Every year on Christmas Eve, our parents would give us a new pair of pajamas, festive nightclothes to curl up in while we awaited the coming of Mr. Claus. The tradition continues to this day with recent picks including Santa footy PJs and fur-bedecked candy cane flannels. So for this installment of The Weekender, we tip our cap to Mom and Pop with some yuletide nightwear ideas. Merry Christmas!

Style Tips:

Nightshirt: Menswear-inspired nightshirts are our ideal sleeping solution. They cover you up enough to be wearable in front of the fam, but there's also an understated sexiness to them (which is different from fam time, obvs!). They double as fashionable attire when you need to run out to the store, pair a nightshirt with leggings for a cozy winter look!

For your feet: If you want to add a little more holiday spirit to your nightwear, consider cozying up to some fur-lined moccasins and/or slipper socks like this Nordic-inspired pair from Forever 21.

Cashmere Robe: Sure cashmere is pricey, but holiday sales make it a more affordable bet. And there's some practicality to that indulgence: Cashmere is one of the warmest and most durable fibers on earth.

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