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Shine on this season in metallics and sequins that sparkle.
Feel the need this season to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine? It's practically a holiday requirement, especially given that metallics and sequins are major trends that are sure to remain long after the last present is unwrapped.
But how do you sparkle in chic style, without blinding those around you? We asked fashion gurus Sam Saboura, "My Body My Style" stylist, and George Kotsiopoulos, co-host of E!'s "Fashion Police With Joan Rivers," for their dos and don'ts.

What are you waiting for? Get glowing!

DO add shine to your accessories. "Metallics are the perfect accessory for holiday and cocktail dresses because they tend to bring things up a notch," Saboura says. "So, go to town with metallic clutches and metallic shoes, and balance those items out with textured tights or hosiery and knit pieces. When in doubt, always use accessories instead of one piece of clothing. It's an easier way to wear the trend."

DO shine in shorts. "Shorts are now a seasonless alternative to the miniskirt or pant, so for a modern look, try some with sequins," Kotsiopoulos says. "They are more comfortable, give ease of movement and, with no fear of panty exposure, are more modest than a mini. Opaque or sweater tights are a must to keep you warm this winter. But remember, when your bottom is blinging, keep your top minimal with a chic cashmere sweater or simple blouse or blazer."

DO mix textures. "I love the idea of mixing something sequined with something unexpected that's a contrast to it," Saboura says. "I wouldn't go to town mixing bright, sparkly, shiny with leather because it can look too '80s and a little bit tacky. Use toned-down, muted metallics. ... There are a lot of chic shoes that are metallic, but they're also mixed with flat leather, so you get a mix in texture. I think mixing a metallic with a faux-fur piece is super on-trend. The fun part about dressing in the winter and for the holidays is mixing textures, so make the sequin or metallic piece part of a layer."

DO dress it up -- or down. "The quickest way to go from day to night is with a sequin cardigan or blazer," Kotsiopoulos says. "Just top off your day look and add some sparkly heels."

"During daytime, if you're going to wear sequins, I love the idea of a sequin trim on a T-shirt or a bohemian top. It's a great contrast," Saboura adds.

DO err on the side of subtlety. "For women experimenting with sequins or metallics for the first time, tone things down," Saboura says. "When a lot of women buy a metallic top or a metallic skirt, I feel like it tends to look like something they bought for a reason, and I think if you take a shiny piece and mix it up with something you already own, it will make it look like a natural part of your wardrobe."

DON'T shine a light on your problem areas. "Metallics and sequins reflect light, so they amplify the part of the body they're on," Saboura says. "For plus-size women, keep your metallics dark and choose navy, bronze, pewter or black sequins. Anything reflective -- put it where you want to call attention. For most plus-size women, metallics and embellishments should go on the upper half of the body, so it draws the eye up to the face. And you should keep the lower half of your body dark and clean. Never put sparkle or shine where you want to minimize something, because it will do the exact opposite."

DON'T over accessorize. "When your garb is glistening, remember to show some restraint when you accessorize," Kotsiopoulos says. "Avoid looking like a showgirl by limiting your glimmer to one major piece of clothing per outfit and keeping your accessories simple and embellishment free. But if your outfit is simple, you should go all-out with accessories that have major gleam."

DON'T think it always has to be evening glam. "You can take it to a sort of bohemian, earthy place instead of taking it to a traditional holiday look, where you look like an ornament or a light on a Christmas tree," Saboura says.

DON'T go sequin crazy. "Bring sequins in with a detail on a bag or a trim on a top or a knit piece," Saboura says. "I love a big, cozy oversize cardigan with a little bit of sparkle somewhere on it. I think that's really chic."

DON'T just stick with silver and gold. "I always feel like navy, pewter, bronze and brassy gold look more rich and expensive than the classic silver, gold, fuchsia and bright colors you tend to see," Saboura says. "If you want to keep the look subtle and chic and look a little more high-end, the darker tones are always the best way to go. Younger girls can get away with brighter pops of sequins or metallics -- they're fine when you're in your 20s and younger. But I think women in their 30s, 40s, 50s will benefit from a deeper palette."

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