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By javaz99
Connie, before and after her Mission Makeover ambush. Photo: Kristin Burns
Imagine you are out and about with your husband, minding your own business, when suddenly someone sneaks up from behind and asks you if you would like a makeover.

Humiliating or gratifying? For Connie, it seemed like both.

Somewhat reluctant -- and a little embarrassed -- she eventually agreed to a total transformation.

Dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a pale purple sweatshirt, with little makeup, it was time for our Mission Makeover team to work their magic.

Starting with hair, Roberta Inez cut three inches from the length, which instantly added natural volume, and snipped in some graduated layers. Before blow-drying, she applied a body-boosting spray to the roots, and then used a round brush to blow the hair straight, focusing on creating volume around the crown.
Mission Makeover
Connie gets a body-boosting hairdo and bronze eye makeup. Photo: Kristin Burns
To smooth Connie's skin, Inez applied a medium coverage cream foundation to the chin, cheeks and forehead. Because the natural oils on your fingers can change the finish of your foundation, Inez blended it with a foundation brush to keep the coverage consistent.
Mission Makeover
Connie after her Mission Makeover transformation. Photo: Kristin Burns

To play up her eyes, Inez swept a metallic gold shadow across the lids, and then lined both lash lines with a rich brown liner. After curling the lashes for a fan-like effect, she applied mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Because her eyes were the main focus, Inez kept the rest of the face soft. She dusted a warm peach blush to the apples of her cheeks and finished with a pale pink, lip gloss.

Stylist Jordan Feldman opted for a black wrap dress, which accentuated Connie's curvy figure. The ruffled neckline and peep-toe heels gave the look a flirty and feminine feel.

The final result: a total knockout!

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