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By Joanie Caucus-Wannabe
When you can't solve a newspaper crossword, there's usually a number to call for answers or hints, and in any case you can just see the answers in the next day's paper. But what about the comics? Half the time, I have no idea what Doonesbury is talking about. No, I'm not a Republican, but I unfortunately don't know the name of every Congressperson from Idaho, or what bills they voted against in 1989. And I _never_ understand why Cathy is funny.

So why isn't there a number to call that explains this sort of thing?

Reward: A lifetime subscription to the Washington Post.
By Jeff Sanchez
Great idea! :-D I don't understand Cathy, either! %-6
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By test
I totally agree! But wouldn't it be great if they could explain other things too? Being stunned by a Cathy cartoon is a fairly common event for me, but knowing why my kids won't visit me longer than 20 minutes or when jeopardy is on would be really great. Most people know these things when I ask, but I would feel better about myself if I paid for it. Call it "A Common-Sense Consultant". That number would certianly be on _my_ speed-dial.

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By Michael D. Grissom
You'd have to be someone who's been compulsively dieting, dating, and shopping for 30 consecutive years to understand Cathy. For Doonsbury to be understandable to me, it would have to incorporate "scratch-and-sniff" technology within the frames.

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