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By mwiley
every day many companys are spendind outragise amounts of money on keeping the trucks on the roads to deliver there loads across the country. what if the was a way to cut costs by making the tires last longer. if there was a to build a cool down system for the tires. the longer you are driving the hotter your tire will get from the contacted from the road, and then this happens your tires start to ware down quicker.

Reward: save lots of money not having to replace some maney tires. also it will help the enviorment with less tire wast
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By Lisa
As far as I'm aware, cooled-down tires might even be dangerous, as they don't adhere to the asphalt that well!
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By Justin Valle
They probably only heat up to a certain point and plateau. I'm not convinced heat is such an issue. Meanwhile, I've always wondered why tires aren't solid rubber. Tread could be re-embedded when it wears down, once you've run your diameter down 20% it's time for new ones, like brakes or a timing belt.

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