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By overdrivecurrent
I have heard several different people say they cannot find the clothing they desire. They, like me, desire more modest clothing. I read a pie chart of the religions and I believe that many of the followers of God would appreciate this. I am frustrated because I am physically sick and do not want to have to sew or design merely to get attire that is comfortable and modest. I also know many people do not have sewing machines. By modest I mean that we prefer more loose fitting clothing that covers the shoulders and goes at least to the knees. We also would like shirts or blouses that are more loose fitting and also do not go beyond two fingers from the little dip in your neck. I believe there would be great profit within this clothing line because it seems to currently barely exist. I believe that dressing in a manner that is likely to be non offensive to the most people would be wonderful. Along these lines as well, in womans fashion, I have wondered why I cannot seem to find good winter socks or boots. I also wonder what happened to loose sweatpants. I want comfort so I often end up going to the mans section for winter. I want a line of clothing that is more practical. I actually believe starting a line of practical items, besides clothing would do well. But for one idea... I want to stay warm in the winter. I am 34 and thin enough I can wear modern fashion. I just do not like it. I believe tight jeans cause leg pain and other issues. Having jeans that fit the waste and are more loose throughout the leg would be nice to see again.

Reward: clothing for me and my husband for about a weeks worth without needing to wash ...preferably from the new modest comfort line.
By overdrivecurrent
Thank you Lomexray. Well, I came by to share. If I recall correctly, this is only the fourth piece of clothing I have ever sewn and sorry but it was from a pattern.. not sure what specifics one could mention. It was a tunic style. I know the pattern company , but I was asked where I bought it. Then I went to the same place and hear them arguing about whether or not I made it.... and the guy at the window seemed to like it too.
I went to church in it to get help one day and it was the persons favorite color. They called it a burnt orange. There is only one thing. They see the side with my pucker in it. Yet my hair may have covered the considered flaw twice. Who knows. If I recalled correctly it is only the fourth piece I have ever sewn. However, my mother sewed us clothes all the time when I was growing up. Maybe I learned some just by watching. Who knows.
I believe, with more simplistic designs like these it is the fabric color and design that really make them more than just a regular shirt. I don't know if they even notice the pucker on my sleeve because I have long hair... so that pattern with the right fabric might help the economy. Just a thought. Obviously since I sewed from a pattern it is copyrighted. Maybe some people in the industry could talk. They would need to right? I am not sure how it works, but maybe i will just have to keep sewing. But then again 2 people liking it and one liking the color, but there is also another thing... I don't go out much and so I haven't worn it much.
I don't know if this is useful... and I am assuming all patterns sold at a fabric store are copyrighted. But, at least if this thread goes you will know I have begun to sew. Not sure what I would try next.
At least I learned I can sew and it looks okay. It surprised me.
And Fashion... maybe i need to look the word up in the dictionary. But I always thought it would be neat to set the current style instead of follow.
Thanks for stopping by Lomexray and for your comments.

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