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By AaronBurns
Colored pencils write poorly when compared to graphite pencils. Currently, graphite pencils are only available in grey. Someone should invent colored graphite pencils.

Reward: Purple mechanical pencils for life.
By Rawice
The problem is that graphite is black and you can only get a color by adding another subtance. Then it is no longer a graphite. Color is the problem Graphite only comes in one color.Your grey pencil is black graphite with an impurity mixed in.
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By AaronBurns
A Chemist would need too take the black Graphite [Which you are exactly right about] and adjust it's atomic structure.
The problems are only inherent when you get white-grey-black spectrum.
After that; you have to add other elements which negates my idea entirely.
It is possible that we can achieve an altered color if the structure is disrupted.
Most likely a standard reaction would be yellow [Best goal would be better than one color but, not probable].
:D :D :D
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