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By wyzzard
Finger Socks are small wearable socks for the fingers. They are made from machine washable microfiber cloth.

You normally wear 2 of them, one for the thumb and another on the forefinger. These are great for cleaning reading glasses, shades, cameras or mobile devices.

Or you can put one for each finger to handle and clean delicate materials like jewelry or lenses.

Normal cleaning cloths are a waste of space, surface area and are messy to use. Finger socks on the other hand fully utilizes its surface, is intuitive to use and store easily.

Some models can act like actual socks to keep cold fingers warm and protected.

They can come in several colors, sizes and surfaces depending on the use.

Reward: My own Finger Socks product line
By wyzzard
Thanks for the link. Yes, quite similar to finger gloves but mine is made of cloth. I even contacted that same company if they wanted to develop my product idea.

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