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By AaronBurns
Pre-set each Alarm or Wall Clock with specific Time Zone by Greenwich time and let the Radio-active Material Degrade at the exact same time frame as a Digital clock's time sequence. (Second to Second). Powered by Radio-active Materials so, you never use batteries or plugs. That way it can travel any where; any time. Keeps time by degrading one hundredth of a second [OR BETTER] and displays the degradation as the exact time shown on the Clock Face in Standard Alpha-Numeric Form to the regional Time Zone previously set. A Nano Storage keeps the day light savings time by moving only an hours worth from the main Power Cell then moves the exact amount back for adding the hour back to the time. Unless Day Light Savings time is not needed then this Clock Sets only for timed degradation and Fully Simplifies a working model. [THIS WOULD BE PREFERRED].

Reward: One that Projects the time to my Cottage Cheese Style ceiling with the AM and PM easy to read.

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