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By Michael D. Grissom
Repeat after me Steve...

It's only a suggestion
It's only a suggestion
It's only a suggestion

Great,... I wanted to get that out of the way first.

1) In the future, might we be able to Drag/Drop bit image graphics into our posts? You know,... "a picture is worth a...". There have been many responses I've made where I could've pasted in a graphic copy of an existing product like the GPS child locator wrist watch. I'm finished with all my responses and am ready to start new topics. I already have the graphics for most that I will start but hate to think of typing all those words just to explain a picture.

2) How do I submit my own personal posting ICON cartoon character for review and in what size/format?

3) Can we submit additional Emoticons? I'm assuming 64X64 pixels and staying within your current pool theme.

Thanks for listening!
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By Steve
Steve wrote:It's only a suggestion
It's only a suggestion
It's only a suggestion

That was easy... :-D

1) Right, I had that idea early on but later forgot about it. Let's see - I think the main reason I didn't implement it was because I wanted fast loading pages, at least when you click on the Pool links. How about adding an image by replying to you own post and inserting it there - would that work for you, or do you need to upload them?

2) Just click on the "profile" tab at the top - that's where you can choose an avatar from the gallery or upload your own.

3) You can always use external smilies in you posts by inserting them as normal images (by using the [img] tag). If there are important emotions missing I'll also be happy to put goggles on them and add them. ;-D Btw, the smilies here are around 16x20, bubbles included.

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