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By First Speaker
What the world needs now is better government, making better decisions. Tribunocracy is a new form of democratic voting that provides more informed and studied public participation in elections and referendum. It reduces the corrupting and distracting need for political candidates to raise massive amounts of money. Tribunocracy increases citizen power and control of the political process. Because Tribunes are exposed to more facts and information on which to base their decisions than most voter�s have today, it will elevate voter informed and studied decision making. BDI-BRO Better Data In = Better Results Out. Many think making a significant change in today�s voting process is only an idol dream; but if you have read this to end, the process has begun. Modern democracy helped the world take a step forward. It is time to take another. See:

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Reward: A better world for all.
By joejlitz
Interesting idea, but it doesn't really explain the process that leads to the benefit.
By First Speaker
See: The public tribunal conventions convene like a court trial. This insures that the Tribunes before they vote will have attended the Tribunal Convention, just like jurors are required to attend the trial before they vote. The difference is between a mob without a trial or jury voting after they witness the trial. The Treatise on the web site details some of the procedures followed at the Tribunal Convention. One important benefit is the amount of money spent on the candidates PR campaigns before the Tribunal Convention will have much less effect.

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