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By kiddbrawlic
Yugioh is not as popular as it was years ago, i mean face it... to most people yugioh is another kids game that to teens and adults mean little to nothing. getting the cards were ok but people were into the show. why is that? for 3 reasons... for the action, for the suspense, and for the monster projections. wait! right there that is the plan. we create duel disk or dueling arenas like the show. in the show millions of people wanted the chance to go into tournaments now if duel disk were created and were connected to konami, than we can create tournaments and millions of people will be in line to buy duel disk, cards and their way into these tournaments. now we will have prize money and it will cost a good amount to make all this but with all the money that will be made from the people buying the accessories and etc. we could be make 5 times as much as we are spending. its only a matter of time so work with me to live this or i can take my business else where the offer stands until another company takes me
By joejlitz
I'm not sure I understand this. Is this a game show like jeopardy, but real people duel?

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