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By Steve
Ever been to a running sushi bar? It's certainly a beautiful way to have dinner, but somehow I feel I can never fully relax: After all, I have to keep track of the food that's circulating, so I know which is fresh from the kitchen and which has already been on tour for half an hour (yuck!). Infrared binoculars could do the trick, but they are not very handy, and worst of all, they will draw too much attention. I would need a lighter and cheaper version that is adapted solely for this specific purpose.

Reward: Send me one. And don't tell anybody else. If everyone has one of those, they'll be entirely useless!!!
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By Michael D. Grissom
I thought sushi was served at room temperature so, what are you trying to detect?

I've never heard of a running food bar of any kind but, I really like the idea of having a buffet continuously passing my plate -- especially if every other item is an ice cold beer.
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By Steve
Ok, that wasn't very precise... in most cases they have a lot of other stuff rotating with the sushi, and the sushi itself doesn't survive very long (especially if it's tuna, yum). Which essentially tempts you to while away your time with some of the other stuff as well (dumplings, hot shrimps, some meat stuff) which comes hot from the kitchen and mingles with the other food that's already on tour. Sure, if it's smoking hot you can see it, and if need be you can always put those icy noodles back in rotation when nobody's looking, but I haven't found the ideal solution yet. :-b

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