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By Asif Rahman
Lets begin with a simple question. Where does 35% of raod accidents take place??? No idea? Well let me help you, undoubtedly at sharp turns and U-turns. Its even worse when u r driving at a height of say 150-250 feet above the ground level(most hillstations and tourist places are way higher I guess) and when u find yourself banging into another vehicle head on. What next??? CRASHING DOWN FROM THE HILL TOP!!! Would it not be a wonderful idea if we could prevent this? Would it not be nice if we could make tourists and the like feel safer? I guess you r nodding your head with the word 'Certainly' in your mind. Well the good news is, its horribly simple. How about placing a MIRROR(or any reflecting surface) at an angle so both approaching drivers can see each other as they approach at sharp turns and U turns? Hope i will hear from you guys very soon

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[quote="joejlitz"]This is a great idea, but not terribly original. See this link:

Well thanks for the link, but very honestly, to me this was a genuine idea... just came out of nowhere as i was travelling by a bus. Anyway, response still appreciated. lets get to the bottom line, why is this idea(whosoever it belogs to) not in the limelight??? I mean why is it not being put to practical use!!! Wonder whats the problem... see ya soon.

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