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By TJ308
Sun glass virtual reality,
This device is a pair of sun glasses
That bends reality. It has two memory cards a vest and a pair of gluves the gluves and vest works like your sences. It is
a device that can bend what you see and feel to whats not really there. It sees basicly what you see and memorizes it
on the memory cards and uses the created memory that was given to it and bends reality it has diffrent graffic cards witch gives it a boost of memory each one downloaded into it so when someone buys a new graffic card it makes reality into a diffrent kind of cartoon one version is a simpsons scene one is like a grand theft auto game and so and so, For instence say im walking down the street and I see a car and im about to get hit what will happen you ask the game will shut down instantly so noone gets hert and there will also be an interactive game play so other people can play with you.

Reward: I want my creation free!

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