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By brokeinventer
Have you ever lived on a gravel road and cried about how much it was going to cost to regravel it? I have come up with an idea to reuse the existing gravel.

First, let's look at what happens over time. The biggest problem is the dirt and mud that push up through the gravel and causes holes, ruts, and worst of all dust. This leaves the dirt and mud on top and the gravel beneath. My idea is a tractor trailer or excavator that removes the top eight inches of the road and sends it down a chain-link conveyer of the same width. The dirt and small rocks are washed out with a high volume water pressure system. The water is recovered from the top of the slurry tank and reused. The useful, clean gravel exits out the back of the trailer, leaving an even layer with a slight crown for drainage. The mud slurry is pumped to a separate trailer and discarded to be used for land fill or top soil.

Reward: Lets build one.

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