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By Mosquitohawk
As an anxious flyer, I've noticed that I am far from the only one. In fact, fear of flying is one of the most common phobias. One thing that air providers could do to set their services apart would be to offer a channel on their radio station that is specifically for anxious fliers. Calming music, along with flight attendants coming on briefly on occasion to guide passengers through what's going on (turbulence, which is not actually an air pocket, what certain noises mean, etc) could mean the difference between an anxious flyer choosing one airline and another and enhance consumer loyalty.

Reward: an anxious flyer myself, having someone provide this service would be reward enough.
By Mosquitohawk
Haha - I do. But it's certainly not responding to what's happening in the plane as it happens. Airlines used to provide sessions to help people get over their fear of flying, but they stopped doing it due to lack of funding. That'd just be an inexpensive way to provide a similar service, live.

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