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I have four categories against criminalism:
1. Basic Incentives, 2. Reminders, 3. Social Structures, 4. Emotional Incentives.

This is stressed as an "exclusive typology for preventative measures".

Some crimes are prevented by emotional incentive prevention, which is designated as the emotional cohort. Other crimes are prevented by social-structural enforcement, which are dubbed the regularity cohort. In a third category, crimes are prevented by reminders, creating the judgment cohort. Finally, some crimes are prevented by basic incentives, creating the comfort cohort. These can be adjusted until crime is at a minimum.

This could be used by a computer program to help "edit" crime, and control socio-metrics on a population level. For example, it can be used as a logic tree that allows robotic police or service workers to handle crime in a socially compatible way.

Reward: I'd like to see society better handle crime, even if it involves incentives.

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