Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By Creative students
A kind of liquid which has no scent, transperent that you can put some drops into the drinks. When your partner drinks it, he/she will tell you his/her true feeling towards you (like a spell in Sabrina series). It works for just only a few hours and after that the partner will forget all the things he/she has said. So you know if he/she is your best choice.
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By Michael D. Grissom
OK,... since it's your idea, YOU can do the honor of being the first to take the drug at a party with all your friends. For a few hours you're friends can ask you anything they want to know AND... you won't have to worry because only your friends will remember all of your answers to their really personal questions. This sounds really great! I can't wait to read your personal private answers when your friends publish them on the internet (...and you know they will). So,... when do you want to test your new product?

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