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By scottie86
The power of a desktop with the flexibility of a laptop, a computer that is entirely remotely powered. There would be two parts to the computer, the first would be a tower where the hardware would be stored and the second would be a remotely controlled keyboard and remotely controlled screen, which can either be used by bluetooth or wireless controls.

The beauty of this would mean you could have a very powerful laptop without the bulky size. None of the hardware would be in the actual laptop, it would all be remotely stored in the desktop. The laptop would only be made up of a screen, a keyboard, and a receiver (either blue-tooth or wireless).

The system could also be integrated within the home entertainment system and accessed through your tv or audio system.
Cloud computing is a beautiful fantasy. Unfortunately, it seems it may remain so for quite a while. The problem is that all of our wireless technology - cellphones, RC, radio, wifi, satellite media - is based off the same basic mechanic, that being the use of electromagnetic energy to send data through relatively unoccupied space. Every transmission is allowed a frequency, and any interference from other transmissions using the same frequency can prove disastrous for both. The sad fact is that there just aren't enough frequencies to go around for cloud computing to reach its true potential.

That said, it could be greatly improved if the companies that own the rights to use those vaulted frequencies could be convinced to sell the ones they have no need of.

iCloud, while interesting, doesn't appear to be any more than a unified filehost. Useful certainly, but it doesn't approach the possibilities of actual cloud computing.

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