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By NCoppedge
Genetically engineered substances can be used for powdered "flexible food" that can be made into yogurt, gelatin, liquid, or solid forms.

The difference from previous generations of this concept is that the powder is made from a standard harvested product, which can be designed to be easy to grow, and have super-properties. These properties can be designed especially to be used with powdered foods.

By adding super-properties, the moss or other mass-manufacturable material becomes a reasonable source of space food, and can be used as an intra-venous food substitute.

Reward: obviously I'd like to eat some popularly marketed moss, better if it has super-properties.
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By joejlitz
So, a quick internet search shows that there are types of edible moss out there... :-?
By NCoppedge
I did the search too. Seems cool.

As to whether it has potential for a lot of extra nutrition qualities, I guess that since it is a plant and it has "body" that is not too far from the truth even now.

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