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By AaronBurns
Your tennis shoes or any other shoes no longer need tongues or laces since your socks velcro directly to the shoe for optimal adherence and will always stay in place and not fall out. I would imagine that athletes could use this type of shoe to be lighter than others and improve performance since they would weigh less and would conform more like a bare foot (The best runners run bare foot). You can position your feet and socks once and they stay that way or simply recorrect their position at any time. Your socks have velcro and your shoes have velcro so changing shoes doesn't mean changing socks; it just means pulling out your feet and sticking them in to another set of shoes. The style of laces was going out any way so "Out they go!".

Reward: A pair of laceless Nikes!
This would be great for kids shoes too! No faffing with laces or buckles, easy for them to put on and stay on all day. The velcro socks would have to be washable, and come in many different styles. Unless the shoe could stick to ordinary socks? That would be better.

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