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By LittleJJ
Holograpic Teachers: There should be Holograpic Teachers in every school in the world beacause everywhere you look in a school there is a teacher. They never let young couples hold hands, hug or kiss, I think that's really rude. If there were Holographic Teachers they would only stay in the class room, and not be walking arould every minute of the school day.

Reward: Holograpic Teachers in my School Evan Hardy in Saskatoon, Canada. So they would leave my Girlfriend, and I Alone
By aquemirrylle
Love is is subten debtor that bears interest the more one affraid to it the more one expose to it
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By Michael D. Grissom
There is another post just like this in the Sci-Fi section only by someone else. Is it possible your girlfriend was writing the other post at the same time?

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