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By Chase
When out and about with your infant or child in car seat or pram. How many of us have had our child loose their bottle ? Lots undoubtly. Invent like a strap which fastens to seat or buggy with a flex going from buggy to bottle with a fastner adjustable strap which goes around thr baby bottle with ajustable loop to fix round bottle so a child can never loose his of hers infant feefing bottle. Similar to the dummy clip, if you have children weve all been there when your child loses their bottle this way their is no chance of loosing it so happy journeys x
By Chase
I was thinking just the other day how many of us parents have been out and about with our babies and you notice the bottle your infant or child had ! Has gone. Simple solution mame a bot bot safe clunk clip. On one end your have a security fastner which attaches to your car seat or pram/ buggy it then has a flex with attaches round the infants bottle or juice cup with an ajustable tightner, to secure the bottle and to stop your Baby or child dropping their bottles or throwing them out ! Then when you realise theyve dropped or lost their bottles its too late! So with the bottle clips theres no more lost bottles and a happy journey all the way. Xx wala geneous thinking

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