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By Solenoid

I am thinking that having a way of mobile monitoring your own vitals could help a lot, even save your life. This could be realized as a device connected to several (not many!!) little sticky, patch-like sensors applied on the skin, in certain known points, that could read your heart rate and beating pattern (like a mini-EKG), temperature in critical areas, electrical conductivity of the sweat, maybe also the ionic levels (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, to name the most important), urea, etc. A receiver could gather all the readings and make the connection to an external device such as a smartphone, tablet, even a PC with the needed software. This way an automated and continued evaluation of the health status could be made, with alarms triggered if some readings are off-scale/not between the normal variation range. This could signal early heart attacks or pre-heart attacks/heart strokes, brain-strokes and such. The device could even be set to pass the alarms to third parties such as a physician/nurse/family member or an emergency service - smartphone sending an SMS with all gathered data and alarms - that could at least make a phone call to the owner and see how he's doing. If it gets no answer (owner knocked out by stroke or some accident) a help team could come and check and maybe even save his life through this early response.

Device could prove useful for elders and/or disabled persons as well. Even for military personnel engaged in combat zones (might also be equipped with GPS for tracking the owner).

Reward: One such device... :)

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