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By spikegomez
Hi guys,

That kind of refrigerators are common on supermarkets right, i always see some king of that kind of refrigerators in super markets when i'm buying some wines...

Ge mwf here.. ;D
By Catharina
A door less refrigerator, how it could be cool enough if there’s no door. But like you say it is working just the normal refrigerator. That is a good project you’ve been discover, I guess it will be like it some people like new technology like this.
By archion
I'm continually astounded how many of you have never paid attention to a single science lesson in your life...
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By Braingobbler
This actually sort of already exists. Think about a food market. When you are standing there trying to figure out what kind of yogurt you want or you're picking our your shredded cheese. The only thing is could you make this energy efficient for a home. Plus you'd have to redesign the refrigerator, which would redesigning the modern kitchen.

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