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By RedMoto113
Hey guys, I work retail at a well known nationwide music store and my time here has given me a fantastic idea about a hands free toilet seat lifter. Now, I'm not exactly a germophobe, but I still get a little grossed out about touching the same toilet seat that hundreds of people use a day. Look around, bathrooms everywhere are outfitted with hands free faucets, soap dispensers, blow dryers and even auto-flushing toilets. Why are we still touching the source of these germs? My idea is a pedal that sits aside the toilet base with a simple drive and linkage system that sits bowl-side of the hinge and under the seat that will rotate the seat to a vertical position when the pedal is stepped on and brought down slowly when the pedal is released. Obviously, there are many details as to how the actual mechanism functions (so please ask if you are interested), but this would be a HUGE seller to places like gas stations, porta-potty's, malls and especially retail stores like mine with only one toilet in the men's room.

Reward: If this idea gets picked up, I would love to be a part of the design process as I have a functional design. 5% would also be nice. Thanks!

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