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By tem.ernst
A PDA that resembles an iPad, but does not store games or have internet access.

Instead, it has the capability to store school books on it (for lighter reading, as some books can be very heavy).

It can also take voice recordings and videos for class notes.

It is not touch-screen, so nothing has to be re-calibrated over and over and over, but has a small QWERTY keyboard.

It can hold an SD card.

There are different applications available:
(each different school book)
a drawing pad (also used as a note pad)
a calendar with events/timers available
a to-do list
... and other PDA apps

Only one application can be open at a time.

It is small enough to fit inside a binder. It would be cool if it had 3 holes, like a sheet of paper so it could fit inside the binder and stay in there. :) If it was small enough, it could fit inside a handbag.

So, basically it's like a Clie, except not so expensive, and it has better apps and doesn't have a touch screen.

I would throw in e-mail and YouTube, but only because schools are beginning to use them. Other than that, internet should not be for school use.

Reward: Getting this product for free
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By Steve
Could you elaborate on the purpose/difference of this device (as opposed to other devices)? :-?

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