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By travobravo
Selling Points and product goals:

No need for ISP (Internet Service Providers) no ISP’s no Internet kill switch

No need for Web Host (free internet media publishing) take a moment and think about who really has control of your information who host your email, where physically is all your facebook, youtube, and other types of information you create and or reference? Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have control of it and it is stored on your computer? I think the prices are falling enough that we can all host ourselves and contribute to an Open Public Storage Host

Robust Security

User friendly including built in ability to securely vote and participates on local and global topics (eliminate electoral vote)

Super fast processing/response time.

The marketing suggestion is to have a computer node that does not rely on ISP's or the power company and connects directly/securely to your neighbors (it would have some kind of multi-port network communication interface that you could directly plug/log your neighbors into, something like a built in switch).

This node/computer would also serve as a tool to vote on things in the neighborhood and the world.

The node could use GPS coordinates, an atomic time stamp and audio/video input as an identifier instead of Social Security Number.

The node would be hardware and software bottom up engineered for today’s security and media needs.

Is it possible that by redesigning a computer system hardware and software from bottom up with the needs of today in mind versus the needs of the 50’s and 60’s. Could it be faster, more secure, and all around more user friendly?

It would be organized in such a way that it would have some of the following features

Private storage (for personal information and media not accessible to anyone except the node operator)

Select Public storage (shared to those whom you select)

Open Public storage (part of this storage would be used for web hosting and host mirroring capabilities, every node once active would contribute to the Open Public Storage which would also contribute local storage to Open public backup storage)

Political space (This would be a user friendly place that would make it much easier for people to interject, propose, vote, otherwise participate in local and globally related topics, one of the requirements for this feature is to do away with the electoral voting, because every individual would be able to securely make their vote known. This way every vote would count.)

Hardware requirements: contains tamper resistant/proof gps location device like what you can find it smart phone, video/audio input. Waterproof, shock and climate including temperature resistance to limit possible overheating. Replaceable rechargeable battery with multiple recharging options including solar and mechanical. Large solid state memory storage to facilitate quick OS boot up. Minimum 8 port switch and similar wireless network technologies.

Software OS/Network requirements/user scenario: When the node is acquired and booted up it will record the following information. Atomic time stamp, gps coordinates, audio/video biometric authentication would be used with a security algorithm to give the person receiving or acquiring the node a cosmically unique id. Audio/Video input could be used to create a secure login. There is facial, eye, voice, finger hand and other types of recognition software along with a password could be used for security, privacy and accountability purposes.
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By Steve
Please point out the difference between your idea and setting up a neighborhood LAN. Thanks! ;D
By travobravo
Hi Steve, I have updated my original post. Let me know if you are aware of a product like this out there somewhere because I would love to get my hands on one. Thanks for you input

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