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By slimdoctor
ever have a hard time spreading your peanut butter on bread,all that needs to be done is make it like the cheese slices.peel off the wrapper lay it on your bread and eat it

Reward: cash or part of the procedes
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By Steve
As you already know, NO cash rewards or percentages please - thanks!
By USMactive
My first response isn't very positive. The more I look at it the more money making each individual slice seems far over what we currently have. Do what I did, I bought some of the cheap stuff from Aldi, but I've not used it other than dipping a finger in for a taste. It's actually more liquid than solid and scares me when I sometimes venture into the kitchen and open the jar just to see some clear liquid sitting on top of the brown slightly thicker liquid and wonder, wtf is that? Is vegetable oil? It can't be water, surely. But then it was much cheaper than the classics that to be honest I've never found a moment where the spread didn't, well, spread. It seems pretty good in it's current form.

Have you wondered if maybe a different knife may solve this one?

And, even though I totally went against my own advice that ever critic wishing to please others and fill them up with enough happy go go juice that creativity flows far slicker and eventually at points is a gushing dam overflow and if it's one of those days you are fully immersed in Victoria falls, where you land, the winds of fortune favour the brave.

But back to an interesting way of turning a critic, who can at times be with all good intentions pointing out faults, while at the same time the person giving the idea may feel the fault lies with them and stress and tension end up clogging up all the flow with only the most flexible able to catch the drips that occasional drop from the heavens or wherever it is ideas originate. At first I was sure it was the brain, then some TED speaker told of how creativity would find particular writers in bizarre ways such as a poet who would feel the ground start to shake while working in the field and a distant rumble was heading her way, she would quickly run inside and if lucky the rushing whooosh would flow through her and the poem was created. At one point she was a split second to late but grabbed the energy by the tail and dragged it backwards. She wrote the poem with perfect precision, only it was entirely back to front. But that's woman and they often do have these kinds of mystical thoughts which doesn't make them wrong but is open to multiple interpretations that could end up being the exact opposite of what they suggest yet still function.

Then this neuroscientist was explaining her work when she stopped and found one morning that she had a bleed on the LH of her brain. At first she just thought it a headache but over time she gradually started to lose control of the right side of her body and she realized "wow! a neuroscientist with the chance to study a stroke from a subjective position!" She managed after a struggle to call her work and all she heard on the line was like a dog going wooofofoffoofofof.. so she spoke back and all she heard herself say was woofofofofooffo. Then the LSD/shrooms/dmt all kicked in as her RH took over control of everything, with the LH not able to function enough to keep her going. She talks of a euphoria spreading all over her body and as she looked at herself she was all part of the room, She felt connected to the entire universe, no talking going on, just peaceful bliss and connection with all as if we are all one, connected in all ways possible to everyone else and the rest of the universe as we currently understand it, then she heard some voices in her muscles shouting for an arm to bend and the the LH came back online and she realized she needed immediate medical attention. Her description of how being RH dominant which is in a very tiny minority of people, really grooved with many of my altered realities such as the time I closed my eyes while there seemed to be a hurricane throwing the room all over the place and into many directions, but then I had to squeeze my eyes tight because I could still see the room exactly as it was when my eyes where open. Now if I can close my eyes and see a very vivid movie of what I was already seeing then as well as being fully aware and alert to the knowledge that what we see is simply the brains best guess using incoming light to the eyeballs, it's a hallucination, and therefore we have the ability to see reality in as much detail in our minds eye that we can zoom into and study for every slight angle shift that was previously a sharp straight line, the more we see, the more we can see inside our minds.

If you're interested in taking your senses and stretching them beyond their current normal settings then Google 'sensory acuity' and you'll find exercises that will expand all of your senses beyond what you currently experience. The more you do them the more detail you find. The guy I learned this from said he had been doing doing these exercises for 20 years and keeps finding more as if it goes on to infinity. The only way of knowing for sure is to keep going and believing you will find more in each moment than before. A couple of stories to describe what the mind can detect, was with some Hawaiian tribe who would canoe for over a thousand miles, and have complete star maps to the most precise of detail in multiple varieties depending on the seasons, they would lay in the boat on cloudy nights and detect the slightest ebb of water moving the boat and signal to the steersman when to go more left, or I suppose, port or starboard. The other was when some great guitarist was expecting someone. While in the bathroom the guy appeared and sat down, noticed this great man's guitar and started to strum a melody. When the guy (names are things I have let waste and the only two peoples name from my entire school days was my best of friend Marc with the c instead of the k and the guy, of my own name, (as my mind is offered to you for your judgement or acceptance or any other kinds of way you interact with the world in that unique style that is yours, and yours alone giving out personal details can often, in moments such as these be allowing the more private me have the right to withhold anything that freedom of choice has given me and everyone else although is very seldom used or used in a directed and productive manner, such was my previous forum encounters. if you want to find a bigger shower of misrible mocking and even agressive counters to ideas that are so new it scares the *beep* out them that they may be the one who steps out and got it wrong. I don't mind being wrong, but no matter my turn the other cheek and reist not evil ways of doing thngs it was on a small minority who I now only use PM sytem to pass on the odd, how's things...keep on keeping going on and on upwards and then left right back a bit then down the whirlpool into altered states that are just the thing most needed in a specific situation.. I could say when I signed up that my 23,000 or so posts later I had learned to write in far more articulate and in states like this, almost never ever ending) I might at a struggle find others, but I'm not into struggle, I'm into just flowing and spreading the peanut butter to all corners with a precision this musician revealed when the guest said something about his g sharp being slightly high (music langauge like all other languages other than Engllish are a mystery to me and if at some moment I find it would be of very high value to have that knownledge then I might be able to shut my trap for ten minutes or so to let the LH get off the rollercoaster it seems to be flat out zooming along hour after tortuous hour that even though I love writing, there has to be space and time for it all to sink in. But at least having it on the net means I have it when ever I'm online, until the admins deem me too far gone into the madness side of the equation to worry the herd.. but the great musician in reply to this mention of his guitar slightly off tune, said "and I notice that you cut your nails but didn't file them." That was what he could hear, the sound of the nails at a much deeper level as they moved across the metal strings.

So. Turning a critic into an adviser.

What is the positive intent of your criticism?

For instance, I said it was too expensive for what gains would be made.

The positive intention is that there has to be another way that is within budget for instance. Sometimes there are many positive intentions.

then you, as an adivisor, on the side of the idea creator, ask the how that will bring you to the positive intention.


How can you make this in such a way that it is cost effective? or How can you change they way it is packaged or manufutred etc that will make it worth the extra cost while making profits of similar if not greater than how it is currently poduced?

So take your criticism... find the positive intention, and ask how to get there.

A simple enough formula that will win you more people to your side since you backed them up. Not me, because the moment I leave this page I'll forget who I was speaking too, it gets washed away in every bit of moisture that pitter patters on my brain.

That suggestion of critic to advisor is from an interesting and very curiously titled Sleight of Mouth by Robert dilts. It has 14 formulas that when practised to a high enough degree you'll win any argument other that being in stalemate with someone of similar mind, whether taught, or natural. The guys a kind of nice to know kind of guy. Friendly and open while also respectful of you. It beams from him, and that is why he is so successful in creating so many ways to alter the flow of a conversation by using different words that can sometimes escalate an argument and at other moments wind things to a more chilled zone. Saying I'm fucccccing so pissed of right now that I demand to see the manager can spark off all kinds of emotions, when saying, hey, I'm so peeved at this situation and in need of your best that you have to help me get it sorted.

It's something I know, and yet, with many things I can describe for days on end but rarely take the time to practice it so it becomes more naturally my habitual way of communicating in place of the madness that is me let loose on the deck with someone at some point feeling a sharp whack as I fly in their direction without the tact necessary to massage it into them so they want more.. that is why smooth talkers get the ladies and I only get the ones who want me to sit beside them and stare at the guy who is annoying them. One guy said I had the look of someone ready to start shooting people in a busy McDonalds. There was a reason for that. I wasn't drinking alcohol and realized the utter hell this nightclub actually was, and yet I continued over time to keep going once I fell off the wagon for the 10th time. Been off it for over 3 years now, the same day I stopped the tobacco grand scam addiction to what is perceived as pleasure but is a trick the mind plays to get the nicotine so it can release the stored endorphins. Endorphins run dry pretty quick and it's probably the first of the day that uses it all up and everything is a drag so to speak. I am currently going through an addiction to stimulants to counter the drying of the well anti psychotics that one guys called medical frontal lobotomies. And at times, although not so much these days, I would find myself almost static with no water to move me or air to shift me along, no fire to scare me into action just my feet planted in the earth slowly coming to the realization that the reality of the world was all made up from superstition and telepathic communication with TV stars. I discovered from the guy who taught Dilts a lot of his art, and atually uses a conversation where the person is to move Bandler from believing one thing and going in another direction, but at every turn he flips it back and has the guy either having to keep going, move along, or worse, actually finding himself moved more towards the belief he originally tried to alter. He said that things such as delusion realities, are normal, they work pefectly ever time, they don't one day suddenly turn into multiple pesonalities and the next into deep depression. They function perfectly an in some situation may be useful as a skill. He first goes against the psychatrist who says you're broken and says your owkring perfect, each and every time... a precise skill in the right situation. I often get auditory hallucinations, and only once did I get a full blown visual hallucination that was one of the biggest shifts in my self in all of my experiences. My dear departed granny floated down from above and pulled back a bolt of lghtning, after days of sleeping maybe 2 hours each night but feeling on fire if as now realize in a reality of my own making, and that day I thought pain was coming with that lighting, but, and this is how language can alter the meaning of an event find the positives that before I didn't realize I had, I thought she was angry with me, but the bolt hit me and spakared me awake and in the moment and my granny smilled at me before disappearing into thin air. From thinking I was being attacked, I now had a new description of the exact same actions which was that I had been given a great amount of strength that the lightinging bolt filled me with and the smile from my granny, halluciantion or apparition, I know not what, was confirmation I understood. I was a totally changed person for almost a year and wasn't even on any medication. It wasn't until I took a job where I spent 8 hours a day clicking a mouse button as I followed the lines that where the roads for the maps I was making. Eventually after 6 months of clcking and feeling my talents where far more than this, even though I was still the doubter, he at times, doubted that my body was on my side. The auditory hallucinations such as 8 hours of non stop death metal drumming or 4 hours of The A Team in ice cream music form playing on a constant loop is pretty handy when I don't have any music or headphones and I just pick a song I know fairly well and start it going and then it just takes on a life of its own. All those atmospheric bits you get with hd surround sound could turn a normal single into a live show simply by adding crowd noise, the heaving of the pressure ofmany bodies moving this way and that and putting my own spin on one particualr note that gave it a new kind of pretty limited remix. I have the sound studio in my head, just as I do Tesla's vision, an it is only now that I realize that it is creativity that is what brings me to life, just when I thought there was nothing else to see, the answer was that I had to create it because no one else had the exact same ideas as me, and I talk just as much as I write. For those who are not on my level I avoid certain topics lest my dad complain that I'm giving him a sore head, while the opposite is true just through the kitchen where my brother in law is full of wows and really???.. that's totally amazing man... which is like turning the warp drive up notch after notch until even he has taken the 2 hours of contant flow, stories and ideas, and he said that he considers me Shaman, and a healer of people, which I often feel is my duty and only becoming more aware when suggestions are being saught or am I just throwing ideas around an empty room? That is when it's time to get out of my head and into seeing them and their every reaction in is most minute of detail, at which point I freaked my dad out and said,,, you're thinking of and I seen a tremor under one of his eyes that was like green means go and I it's woman.. most definitely a woman... my tone was emphatic in how I understood that slight twitch, he said I spooked him and wasn't to do any more.

In summery: my most used phrase

Critic, what is your positive intention that the fault you want to express is aiming to achieve?

How can we alter this to move this direction so the positive intention is taken care of?

You either fight with them and sometimes, some people are bullet proof, but the gentler souls can take things to heart and feel hurt.. if you help these gentle folk they are bound by their inner reward in kind or even in multiplied varieties, to extend you support in your ideas.

You can build groups and war with each other or just get the entire group jumping around imagining for 1 minute that they are salmon and they gotta get up this high and anti flowing block to lay the eggs and then that's their life complete, they are now free to chillax... and let the waters take them where the borders have been set in a creative setting of mega minds, and everyone is a mega mind, it's not big headed, it's fact. You don't have to shout about it but instead of talking of your own mega mind, talk of the other persons while acting the part. Action will attract more followers than a jumble full of fancy words. I had to change my batteries again. Gave them a good rub to warm the electrons into action just enough to finish and say... person who I am replying to.. Idon't see your name but only the title. But I have imagined from the inside posting this message then looking for the thread starter. If I forget then I shall name you Kevin who is of the clan Kevinites. Or, I'll just remember you name :D

Man I know it's time to close when my shi. gets even worse than it already was.. but hopefully, if you imagine maybe criticising ten points of an imaginary plan and using the fault indicate the positive intention and asking a how question to realize that intention then you are on your way to the land of automatically being the guy who people seek when looking for motion in a still pool.

Then again, you may not be a very critical person, not everyone is, some are more dreamy than others and some are more realistic and take your idea onto another level where is becomes more viable.. but that's tomorrows lesson.. I have to stop or I'll collapse.. deeep breath.. and relax...

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