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By Madcotto
Hi this is a idea i been developing in my head for a while now and is loosely based on existing tec just all tied up in a neat little bow.

The idea is mainly a Steaming Media Device with a slight difference in that instead of the media been on your local device it is all streamed from a central location. but this been done yes? well no, Netflix is ofcorse king of movie streaming but you need a slightly powerful device to run the software and it is limited by that devices power. This would run in the cloud as it were and all that would be needed is a device capable or receiving a internet video stream and display it. the software and processing of this feed would be done on the central server(s) so think anything that's possible to do on a powerful computer can be done on the central server and the feed streamed to the users device or app that has very little power.

With this you can create a world of things that the end user can use with powerful menu systems all running in real time. so what kind of things? well i think TV is the greatest example.

You use the devices menus and EPG to choose the live TV channel that you want to watch, (rember this menu and EPG is created at the central server and not on the device. all the end user will see is a video stream giving the illusion of been on the device they using) once TV station is chosen the stream will seamlessly switch to the channels live broadcast stream. and all thats pretty normal but its what you can do from here. Because the TV stream is comming from a central server you can rewind that station from the second you joined it to any point in the past. thats any station you join out of possably hundreds without any recoding done on your local device. Say you missed a show you can use the EPG to go back to any previously aired show and start watching the stream from that point. Recording of TV can be done at any time without the need to save to local storage devices as all that would be required to save in the cloud is the time stamps of were on the stream you would like to watch from and to.

Becouse this is in the cloud all normal movie streaming is possible from monthly fees to renting and buying media. i would like to see this split into options ie you can chose to pay �5pcm and have a menu that displays allowing you access to this content then a separate menu to display payed for content and ofcose a menu with all the media you have brought to keep.

The big difference between this and say netflix is that all menus can be dynamic and not static. also say in the case of buying a movie it would show a page were you can simple play your movie or have extra features like a DVD these extras features can also be added to if new related content came available say for eg a trailer for the 2nd movie that was made years after you brought this movie.

As all of this is done in the cloud anything is possable and interactive in all levels and all the user will need is a account... think about that. housesitting for a friend take all your tv and media with you with a simple login. and possibly little HDMI stick if there TV isent equipped

ive banged on far to long about this for now but i hope that gives the basics to you and if you like we can discuss further.

Thankyou for your time

Reward: Id like Recognition and a easily found about me page to which i can say a few words and display a Bitcoin QR Code and address...... Oh and you clicking HOT here ;)

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