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By imax500
� The invention is a two part electrical-mechanical device
� A roof or wall cavity unit
� A room lighting unit
� The roof or wall cavity unit is connected to main electrical power and is comprised of a permanent magnet, an inductive power unit and packaging. In the ceiling it would simply be placed on the ceiling material without being affixed, and in a wall application it would be affixed by screws, glue or even removable glue systems.
� The room lighting unit would comprise of an inductive power receiving unit, light emitting diodes, packaging and if required a power storage unit (capacitor or battery).
� An installer places the roof or wall cavity units on the up-side of the ceiling material in the roof cavity and connects these to mains power either in series or parallel. On the ceiling they are not affixed and simply sit in their position due to gravity and friction.
� In the room a lighting unit is then simply attached by placing it in the right position and then it is held in place by the magnet.
� When in use the light is powered up by the inductive charging unit.
� When painting is to be done on a ceiling the lighting unit is simply removed manually and replaced after the paint has dried.
� When the light unit changed for aesthetic reasons it is simply removed manually and replaced
� When the lighting is to be moved the light unit is removed and the head unit in the ceiling is moved around and then the room light replaced in the new position.

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