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By Quentinb
I was wandering if one could use the power of the pump for heating the water. The pump is already forcing water through a pipe.

Why not have a device one could attached within the pipe which has spinning fins inside? These fins are magnetic or have magnets spinning on the same rod as which the fins are mounted. Spinning magnets and a coil can generate electricity and I am sure with the right combination you could generate enough power to run a pool heater or something else.

Reward: 5 Devices.
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By Steve
I'm afraid I don't quite understand this one. Isn't the pump already driven by electricity? If so, why use the electricity to drive a pump to generate electricity again? Why not use the electricity directly? :-?
By Quentinb
The idea is to heat the pool using no electricity. Maybe one could even charge batteries with the same method which will be enough to kickstart the pump and then have the device charge the batteries and run the pump from the batteries, thus cutting all electricity from millions of pools around the world.
By Matthew S. Clark
For the pool heater you need to get a solar pool heater thing because that is the only source in which you can save the electricity. But those pool heaters are not as good for flow of water because they also need some kind of pump for throw the water in flow.

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