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By -----J-----
A Theory based upon human history since the last ice-age. It removes the common denominator of all conflicts and gives every country the chance to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Reward: Global co-operation without the need for conflict.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Elect Pinky and The Brain as rulers of the world!!!

If you watched a little more TV you'd know this stuff!
By -----J-----
Your professional knowledge is what I lack to make this project a reality,
but hopefully you will understand why it is so important for me to offer you
this chance to effectively start the ball rolling.
This is not the first and only way I have tried to implement this project,
but as you will appreciate, the current world situation makes my project the
most wanted project in the world, but irony depicts that the voice of
peaceful solutions to global problems is never heard above the voice of

I understand fully any text based upon peace and co-operation is deemed by
many as boring and futile, and why should the world listen to a single
person who through no fault of his own has come to a conclusion based upon
25 years of very demanding research.

The general feeling of the worlds populous is that their own leaders and
people who for some reason have automatically received respect within their
specific fields, will come with the solutions they need to survive. I
however need to impress upon you that I in no way what whatsoever think that
I am different from you.
I am definitely not the type of person you would expect me to be. In
general, anyone who claims to be able to deliver what my project promises,
would deem themselves better and more intelligent than anyone else as my
project is unique in its delivery method. Nothing could be further from the
truth. I am a normal human being with a limited intelligence, its just that
I do not do things in a normal manner. I test my environmental options to
the limit in everyway, but not in a manner that cannot be accepted by my
peers. This is why I can safely say, I am just as good as anyone else, but
also as fallible as them too.

To prove my point about not thinking I am special and better in any way, is
the fact this text message exists.I would not have to depend upon you and people like
you in this world to help me. Without your help I will have to try to find
another avenue, so how can I think that I am better than you?

Here's the sales pitch for my project;

Please understand that nothing from the following list can be achieved if
this project is not able to be judged by the worlds population. I will
appeal to you personally, and because I have a working knowledge of
marketing and business relationships around the globe I will appeal to the
human trait of greed through profit. I believe this project, will make a
financial profit that will not only secure myself and my family for very
many generations, but also the publishers who dare take on this project.
Make no mistake I do not believe that I am holier than thou, I want not only to
deliver what the project promises, but I am doing it for the great personal
financial gain it will give me, and everyone else involved in its release.

What the project can deliver :-

100 % guaranteed sexual equality on a global scale, for the first time the
world will have to accept women as equals in every manner shape or form.
It is the only theory that proves how to achieve global peace WITH weapons,
but removes the very reason for armed conflict. ( Even though it sounds very
contradictory, this theory CAN prove it to be a true statement).
Cessation of all religious based conflicts.
Global acceptance of homosexuality as a natural progression of human
It removes the need for the existence of political asylum, thus removing the
existence of refugees.
It gives every racist exactly what they want, and because of this it will
show them the folly of their ways.
It will give every "terrorist" exactly what they want, and because of this
it will show them the stupidity of their ways.
It will give every nation around the globe the chance to prove themselves
without the need for armed conflict.
It will give every single national leader the opportunity for the first time
to actually do their job. By this I mean the domestic issues of a nation
will always take priority over international issues.
It gives the world a chance for global co-operation without the need for a
singular global faith or political belief.
It shows the folly of all religious and politically based beliefs, and
proves that until now, everyone has been doing it wrongly, but gives them an
excuse for it. By dismissing every belief as being wrong and not saying that
one specific belief is correct, it should have the desired affect of
insulting every single person who has ever had the privilege of education,
but get away with it.
It gives every religious and political belief a second chance at proving
that their own convictions and morals to be correct, by actually giving them
the chance to live out what they believe without the prejudice of others.
It gives every nation in the world a second chance, by letting them start
over at the stage they have reached, politically and technologically without
It excuses every nation for every single mistake they have ever made in
their history, giving them for the first time a chance to turn over a new
leaf, ( if they feel it necessary ) without having to bow their heads in
shame for previous humanitarian atrocities.
It gives all religions a second chance at survival, even though it condemns
them all, it shows the necessity for the continuation of them. It also
excuses every atrocity performed in the name of a deity or belief.
It will stop all negative ( by negative I mean, labour forced upon minors )
child labour on a global scale
It will stop every form of paedophilia on a global scale.
It puts paedophiles and the purveyors of paedophilic literature on the same
level as murderers, thus giving them no where to hide, as no nation would be
able to excuse their existence.
It secures every child born after the release and acceptance of the theory,
a safe and better childhood than they possibly can achieve today.
It is a guaranteed global best seller as it appeals to every social bracket.
It explains the need for ALL layers of social status, the need for rich
people, the need for the working class and the need for poor people, for our
world to exist.
It means that even after the release and acceptance of the theory, all the
bodies of power that are currently in place, will remain in power if the
population of the nations actually wish it to remain.
It excuses the "Divine right" of all Royal families around the world and
gives a reason for the continuation of their existence.
The simplicity of it can be understood by the general public and not just
the educated few.
It gives rise to continual research giving answers to the questions religious
beliefs cannot.
The fact it dismisses everything, anyone until now has believed, and proves
itself in every way imaginable, it will be the most hated piece of
literature ever written. That alone will sell millions of copies. It makes
Rushdie's Satanic Verse(s) look like a Reader's
It shows the need for the continuation of weapons development as this is the
first theory that embraces the need for weapons.
It gives every displaced refugee the chance for re-patriation without fear
of condemnation.

The list goes on and on, but this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

It is only a BRIEF introduction to the theory.
Please allow me to point out that if the points described in
points 1 through 45 are not accepted then all the following points become
invalid. This is just a guide. One thing that I would like to stress is, I
do not believe that everything I have written is to be taken as ( to coin a
phrase ) the Gospel truth. It is a SOLUTION to the present global situation
and not a new religion. It solves a hell of a lot of global problems in one
go and nothing else.

I am fully aware of the dangers involved in this project, but I truly
believe that the gains the world can derive from it, far outweigh the losses
caused by its release.

If your reply is positive then I would like to be able to ask you the
following question :-

What do you suggest my next step should be?

It is imperative for you to tell me this, as the theory becomes negated if
you do not answer in the manner you specifically wish to, without prejudice.
This is your chance to either make or break your involvement with the
release of it.

This is where your knowledge takes over from my limited knowledge about the
publishing business, and as I hopefully have made painfully clear, you can
see that with my limitations, I definitely need help in making this project
into a written text. I am fully aware of my very limited writing skills.

Thank you very much for allowing me this chance, and I apologise profusely
if I have put you in a difficult situation by doing this without your prior
express permission.

Yours faithfully


( there is a very specific and logical reason for this signature, which can
be explained in full, and is the name I wish to attach to the theory )
By -----J-----
It is only a BRIEF introduction
to the theory. Please allow me to point out that if the points described in
points 1 through 45 are not accepted then all the following points become
invalid. This is just a guide. One thing that I would like to stress is, I
do not believe that everything I have written is to be taken as ( to coin a
phrase ) the Gospel truth. It is a SOLUTION to the present global situation
and not a new religion. It solves a hell of a lot of global problems in one
go and nothing else.

I am fully aware of the dangers involved in this project, but I truly
believe that the gains the world can derive from it, far outweigh the losses
caused by its release.

A Second Chance : The Solution


a. To find the lowest common denominator in all conflicts around the world.

b. Remove the singularity.

c. Find the faults within this parameter.

d. Give reason for the rise of said parameter.

e. Change the found parameter.

f. Replace the singularity with changes intact without removing the
principles of the


For any theory to succeed it must meet the following three criteria:

1. There must be a need for it.

2. It must be technologically possible to implement.

3. There must be a political will for the theory to be executed.

This theory fulfils the first two criteria; the third is up to the
politicians around the world to decide.

The following points are a list of headings pertaining to the theory. Each
point can be proven to be either a true statement or an acceptable
alternative to the present global situation. The proof of each point can be
found in the history of mankind since the last ice-age. Mankind itself
proves this theory to be correct.


1. The lowest common denominator must be what an individual is
subjected to in the first years of life.

2. The social structure you are born into, contributes to defining you
as a specific type of person.

3. The myriad of parameters that can affect the way an individual
develops their own set of moral rules, is itself very controlled.

4. Parental influence must be said to be the largest governing factor
within the very first years of existence.

5. The parental influence is governed by the immediate available
environment. Be this a religious and or a political belief. Both kinds of
belief give rise to icons.

6. Thus the lowest common denominator giving rise to conflicts must be
said to be an iconic based belief.

7. Having now found the singularity, the easiest way, would be to
remove it completely. This would bring about a chaotic global system
incapable of bearing any kind of functioning social structure.

8. Due to the total devotion of individuals around the globe to their
respective faiths and beliefs, removing the foundation for their very
existence, would be catastrophic.

9. Fundamentalists do not necessarily have to be terrorists. Every
leader of an individual faith must also be said to be fundamental in their
belief. Devotion to a deity is a social accepted norm.

10. Scholars of faith would have to continue to believe that their lives
haven't been spent in vain. The principles of the belief must be allowed to
continue in the way they have always done.

11. Allowing the continuation of the principles behind the belief, allows
the continuation of said belief to define a group of individuals or nation
as unique.

12. Finding a fault or faults within the belief structures both past and
present isn't an easy task, as the diversity of the beliefs gives too wide a

13. Individual faults within the singular belief cannot be bought to
light as they are only faults if you do not believe in the specific faith.

14. Common faults within every specific belief must be found.

15. Faults akin to every faith or belief are as follows: - They all crave
worship, they all state their own specific belief is the correct one, thus
every other belief must be wrong.

16. Worship is a human anomaly, practiced only by humans.

17. Finding the reason behind the diversity of the beliefs must be a
primary goal.

18. World beliefs though diverse are normally associated to a specific
region, not so much today as in the past, due to the advent of
transportation, but there has to be an accept for the birthplace of said
faiths were specific to a geographical area alone.

19. Understanding why these faiths and beliefs were born craves a change
in the accepted human history that is taught today.

20. The exodus of humans from the African continent to the rest of the
world is a scientifically accepted fact.

21. The creation of the universe has also a scientific theory. The big
bang theory though not actually physically proven, gives a mathematical and
logical acceptable foundation.

22. The new environments humans found themselves in, craved a different
set of rules than those followed before. Temperature change, elevation,
signature and natural resources all played a part in defining these humans
within their own unique geographical area.

23. Religion came about as the cornerstone for these new societies to
survive. It was necessity for the success of said societies.

24. Religion has to contain the following aspects to survive within a
social structure :- The ultimate goal, i.e. eternal life, the ultimate
deterrent i.e. eternal damnation, a set of values to maintain the very
fabric of a social structure: The ten commandments of the Christian faith,
the Amesha Spentas of the Zoroastrian faith, the Three Jewels of Taoism, Li,
Hsiao, Yi, Xin, Jen and Chung of the Confucianism, Maimonides thirteen
statements of faith in the creed of traditional Judaism, the Zakat of the
Muslim faith, the Eight Fold Path of Buddhism, the book of laws contained
within the Hindu Smriti, and the Ten precepts of Shintoism. A place of
worship, where strict rules apply to the behaviour of individuals in situ. A
hierarchical structure within the belief to keep alive the human need for
power and achievement. A place of spiritual solace and sanctuary. A final
resting place for the deceased.

25. This removes the stigma of religious texts, being the word of a
deity, and applies that all religious texts are the word of men.

26. The belief that good and evil are premeditated acts or actions of
deities can be dismissed as superstitious nonsense.

27. Good and Evil are the opposites required for a spiritual plane to
exist. The humanistic hierarchical structure within the plane gives rise to
the existence of supernatural beings such as angels, archangels, demigods,
demons etc.

28. The only educated members of these societies were either leaders of
the land or members of a religious structure, thus the laws of the land were
governed and chosen by these select few.

29. Human pride, ignorance and a lust for power depicted the basis for
the laws, to ensure the continuation of the society but just as importantly
the wealth of the individuals involved.

30. The advent of weapons throughout history to attain wealth and power,
allowed the religious beliefs to spread beyond the local environment for the
first time.

31. In the last ten thousand years after the last ice-age, humans have
not only defined themselves as unique by their beliefs, but now have covered
the world with set borders.

32. Since the globe has a finite amount of land available, it must be
logical to deduce that when all the given areas were populated and accepted
beliefs were allowed to flourish, then conflict with neighbouring nations and
beliefs would eventually arise.

33. Warring between the various beliefs then became the standard method
humans used to survive and spread the word of their own individual belief.

34. Since the earliest recorded civilizations left clues to their
existence, present day humans have tried to fathom their structure,
traditions, cultures and ethics.

35. Human history is rife with faults, i.e. the world is flat, the Earth
is the centre of the universe etc. All proven within the latter part of our
history to be folly.

36. Many innocent humans died because they would not accept this as
truth. All of these follies were born from the governing bodies at the time.

37. What your environment had depicted to be true, no matter how wrong it
seems today, was not wrong at the time.

38. The governing bodies felt it a threat to the existence of the social
structure they were part of. To protect and survive their lifestyles and
values it was necessary for the demise of such thoughts and their sources.

39. Due to the potential demise of an accepted belief, defensive measures
became paramount. The advent of more and more destructive capable weapons
arose, to the stage where we can now not only secure the demise of a fellow
human belief but we can secure the demise of every single living organism on
the planet. All born from a human need to survive and a lust for power.

40. Due to the fact there is more than one belief, and every belief
contains the ultimate deterrent, it must be surmised that we are all going
to spend eternity in damnation of another belief.

41. If we continue in the fashion in which humankind has proven
throughout history to be true, i.e. war, to prove a point or change a
specific regional belief, it can only end in the total eradication of humans
from the face of the Earth.

42. Changing the foundational ethical values of every belief without
changing the actual diverse cultural beliefs must be the answer.

43. The changes involved are as follows :- (a) All deities represent the
alpha and omega within the spiritual plane they inhabit. I.e. God represents
human perfection and the devil human imperfection, i.e. in a Christian
belief. They are ideals and not physical entities. (b) A deity or deities
did not create the universe. (c) Immortality is a human desire based upon
folly, as the universe shows us the cycle of life and death on every level,
from simple molecules to stellar giants. (d) It is not wrong for another
geographically depicted faith to believe in a different set of ethic values.
(e) Humans always have needed weapons and still need them in the future.

44. Reinsertion of the belief with these added changes brings about a
unique opportunity for every single country's leader or leaders.

45. The basis for every single society's laws that exists today is based
upon the religious beliefs being taken as the word of a deity. Proving that
they are the word of man, in a struggle to survive in ancient times, we must
conclude that they are out dated and in desperate need of revision!

46. The population of every country in conjunction with their leaders can
now for the first time define themselves without the need for useless
worship of a deity. Still using the basis of all religions as they are, a
Christian would still be a Christian and a Muslim would still be a Muslim
but the need to war with each other due to faith is removed.

47. This for the first time can lead to a global co-operation without the
need for singular global faith.

48. Each individual country around the world will then have the
opportunity to prove to the rest of the world that their unique values and
culture are something to be proud of, without having the constant threat of
an opposing view leading to an armed confrontation.

49. All religious icons become what they really are: Icons! Not to be
worshipped or fought over, but seen as a necessity for the unique religious
beliefs to exist. (Present Arabic situations show a need for this.)

50. Man made objects, be they buildings, statues or even jewelled
treasures, will no longer depict the behavioural habits of religious
followers. The worship of these religious icons is not only folly, but can
also be considered as futile. Kissing of the Papal ring, bowing to a statue,
kneeling five times a day in prayer etc. Belong in the past where it was
deemed necessary, for a society to exist.

51. For the first time the leader or leaders of a specific country can
concentrate wholly upon domestic problems.

52. Even with the removal of conflicts earlier foundation, crime and the
constant development of human creativity to achieve goals outside of the
governing rules will continue to thrive.

53. Without the constant threat of armed conflicts, cooperation across
borders can then arise. Pooling resources from all over the world in
specific disciplines would be advantageous to the areas that are more prone
to be subjected to the wrath of natural disasters.

54. An international rescue foundation, containing experts in every form
of relief work can then be brought into existence. Each nation would
contribute what they deemed fit. Surplus military equipment and personnel
would be the major contributor to this force. It would be permanently manned
and ready to react to the disasters in question within a twenty-four hour

55. The various armed services would not concentrate upon borderline
disputes but will be integrated into the already existing health and rescue
services unique to each country.

56. The medical staff within the armed forces can aid the already
undermanned health services, and in the case of a surplus amount of
resources available, they would be directed to the countries that through no
fault of their own do not possess the medical resources needed to bring
their country up to an acceptable standard.

57. Airborne forces can compliment the dwindling coastal and mountain
rescue resources world wide.

58. Naval forces can be used to protect natural resources i.e. reefs
under threat from human intervention. Excess vessels from naval usage can be
sunk in specific locations to promote the development of coral reefs.
Coastal patrolling to avoid unnecessary contamination of global waters. They
can also be used in global oceanographic research, giving the world for the
first time a better understanding of the two thirds of the global surface we
have not yet been able to research and develop to its fullest extent.

59. An overwhelming amount of excess ground forces from the armies of the
world will then be able to be pooled into the development of each country.
Using military engineers, transportation, technological know-how, and sheer
human derived determination, instead of just pouring huge amounts of money
into developing countries which always ends up being diluted in
administration costs, and or filtered away to enrich the lives of a few
chosen people.

60. Huge feats of engineering will no longer have to be the unique
property of developed countries. They can still define a nation as being
able to fulfil a human based need, but developing countries will also be
able to draw upon this resource.

61. Aviation both civil and military have shown the need for continual
development, as humans have a very limited capability within the "third or
Z" axis. This along with nuclear weapon development will be the foundation
of all future space development.

62. Asylum becomes a thing of the past, along with a reduction of racial
based conflicts. Every refugee should be able to return to their own
"homeland" without the fear of persecution.

63. Post generation refugees will be able put in a unique position where
they will be able to either return to their racial birthplace, proving once
and for all that they are proud of their inheritance. Or they can accept the
values and culture of their host nation and become totally integrated within
the social system their biological predecessors chose.

64. Members of a racially different background i.e. African Americans,
Latino Americans and Asian Americans etc. Can prove to the world that they
are proud of their inheritance, by actually giving up their existence in
their technologically advanced and pleasant surroundings, and move their
families to the countries they always boasted about. Helping their fellow
countrymen by physically being a contributor to the development of the

65. The remaining members of the population (using the US as an example
only) will be all called Americans, without any prefix. These peoples can
then redefine to the rest of the world, what it means to be an American with
American values.

66. National pride between the countries around the globe can be
expressed in a myriad of ways without the need for war. Competition through
sport will have the same meaning as the Greeks originally depicted a return
to a value every nation can understand. Extreme forms of sport for
professionals can develop into new arenas. Competition through the internet
with the rise of multi-player games. Competition through international
accepted cultural differences, i.e. survival in hostile environments etc.

67. National traditions can then be expressed with a new understanding
without prejudice.

68. New exploration of sparsely populated areas without the constrictions
of politically based fear.

69. Present religious based constraints towards women must be redefined.
For the first time in human history women must be given the same rights as
men, equal in every aspect of existence. No longer will women have to take a
subservient role within a social structure.

70. Present religious based constraints towards homosexuality must also
be redefined. Homophobia will become a thing of the past, as humans accept
it as a human anomaly, born from a cessation of our species using sexuality
purely a form of survival.

71. Education will become global and eventually ignorance will disappear
as the single largest factor to the demise of cultures.

72. Reduced defence budgets will be able to fund global medical research.
AIDS, cancer and other fatal diseases will become a thing of the past.

73. Research into warning systems protecting huge numbers of humans
inhabiting areas subject to earthquakes, fires, flooding, volcanic
eruptions, landslides etc. Can be also funded by a reduction in a national
defence budgets.

74. International travel will no longer have to be based upon a VISA
system, promoting global understanding.

75. Students will be able to get first hand knowledge of cultures and
traditions that are not their own, in safety.

76. Though a necessary part of human development, wars have shown the
human race two vital aspects. In war there are no winners, only survivors,
and humans need weapons for defence.

77. Today's medical procedures and knowledge came not only from research
in the latter part of human existence, but from the miracles performed on
the various battlefields throughout history.

78. Educating the world's population to reduce the risk of over
population will for the first time be a reality. Birth control will be
unique to each nation or religious denomination.

79. The world's religious structure will be able to survive as humans
will always need spiritual guidance and solace.

80. Religious practitioners will still be needed as humans are unique in
one aspect : burial of our dead. This will enable the survival of every
unique tradition relating to this anomaly.

81. Human icons of faith i.e. the Pope, Iman leaders, Rabbi's, Swami's
etc. Will become the keepers of the said faiths. Leading by example and not
per versifying laws under a blanket of religion.

82. Country leaders will lead by example as ambassadors of their
respective countries, and not misuse their positions for personal

83. Diplomatic immunity will become irrelevant and ambassadors of
different cultures will have to live under the rules of their host nations
or they will not exist. No longer will crimes committed under the protection
of diplomatic immunity, go unpunished.

84. Without the need for external armed forces to keep balance in an area
of disrepute, said resources can be redirected. Foreign soldiers will only
be in a theatre if there is a humanitarian reason i.e. food distribution,
medical supply distribution etc.

85. Countries with an abundance of natural resources can decide to either
re-distribute or trade the available excess without removing the basis for
their monetary stability.

86. A global social acceptance of human mortality, will give the worlds
population an understanding that life is not only the most precious thing
humans have on this earth, but it is a finite anomaly and should be
respected as such.

87. Due to the unknown parameter of a human lifespan, humans will be
given the chance to develop into a race that makes the most of life while
they still are able to. Not warring to ensure their unique convictions.

88. Euthanasia will no longer be the source of contention it has always
been. Keeping people alive because it is technologically possible should not
be the only premise for life. People suffering from a terminal illness will
no longer have to prolong their suffering because it suits a moral code. For
the first time humans will be able to make the decision if they wish to
carry on living or end their lives whilst they are still capable of rational
thought. The judicial premises will be unique to a cultural belief or
nation, but they will have to respect the wishes of the individual.

89. With the chance this theory allows, lessened political pressure will
allow exploration of coastal areas that are now a threat to historical
political stability i.e. the exploration of sunken citadels found off of the
coasts of India and Japan, which if proven to be correct will mean a total
change in human history. Proving yet again, the faults of mankind throughout
history are not to be buried or excused in political or religious quagmires,
but seen as faults of non perfect beings i.e. Human.

90. Collaboration of the major powers governing the planet i.e. G7
countries, without the added problem of religious and or political
confrontation, global problems that until now have been unattainable i.e.
foreign help in China, the former Soviet republics and politically sensitive
areas such as Cuba, etc. can now be a reality.

91. Circumcision of women especially throughout the African continent
will have to be revised as it is yet another male orientated religious

If you are still reading this marathon of an e-mail ( I apologise for its
length but I have really condensed it as much as possible ) then let me
thank you for your persistence.

I have no expectations other than a reply from you stating your interest or
a lack there of.
By -----J-----

It is obvious to any privileged human being who has had the luxury of some form of education, that at the rate our species is going, with the destructive capability we possess, we run the great risk of not existing for very much longer.
There is not much hope for the future of the Human race as it stands today : potential pandemics, wars raging between neighbouring nations, the war on terrorism and the rebuilding of nations, the instability of the Arab nations, climatic changes through the increase of natural disasters, the global warming effect of industrial emissions, poisoning of the oceans with the chemical industry’s waste products and the shipping industry’s petrochemical dumping and the continuation of nuclear arms testing. The disappearance of forested areas, the destruction of wildlife’s natural habitats for farming purposes, over harvesting of oceanic life, the list goes on and on….

The human ability to conquer their fears, has always been a defining attribute. If we can control our fears, we can face and overcome all sorts of obstacles. Once humans feared volcanoes, believing them to be the houses of spirits and deities. We do not subscribe to that school of thought today. Once humans feared natural disasters as being the punishments of deities, this too is proven to be suspicious folly. Rain, wind, and lightning not to mention the Sun, the moon and stars, have all at some time been the reasoning for the existence of supernatural beings who are in control of our destiny. The reasoning at the time was sound enough, humans although not as advanced as humans perceive themselves to be today, were proportionally intelligent enough to come to the conclusion that if you can control something, you must be superior to it. If something in your environment controls your movements or inhibits your ability, it must be superior to you. As humans are hierarchical in their nature, then something superior to us had to be nothing less than a deity. Even though this train of thought seems archaic and somewhat tribal. It is the same train of thought that we technologically advanced humans accept today as being correct.
We do not fear the volcano, the elements and the splendours of our night skies. Science and technology have proven them to be natural phenomena. We do however still have the need to believe in a superior being. We need to be able to have something to use as an excuse to continue to live our lives we the way we do today. We cannot have a society based upon the laws of chaos; our hierarchal structure gives us the scale on which all things are based. We as every other living creature upon this planet have to fight in some way to survive. From the searing desert heat to the chill factors at the poles, from the shantytowns of the poor to the penthouses of the rich. All these environments have there own unique problems that have to be overcome. The one parameter, which is universal in all environments where humans flourish, is hierarchal structure.
The problem faced by creatures that have become the dominant species of a planet is a simple one. When the known environment is under the control of a single human or a collective, whom do they have to answer to ? On the way to greatness, humans had to invent an entity that controlled everything in the universe. This was the only thing the ruler or rulers of a country or empire would bow to.
Human early civilisations bought on the need for rules and structure so they could flourish and spread. Powerful intelligent leaders of the early civilisations knew that if they were to control, it would be through fear. When the fear of death by your physical superior is no longer an actual threat, then fear of what your master bows to, must be appropriately worse as it could happen at any time. Gods came and went, some societies were not ready for only one God to rule absolutely everything and so Gods of Gods were invented to continue hierarchal structures. With the introduction of one supreme being, an entity so great it could see all, know everything, dispense absolute retribution at a whim and represent the absolute immaculate human, the total accomplishment of absolute power. Everything that humans held to be good and true, stemmed from this entity, as it was perfect in everyway. Rules passed to a select few under mysterious circumstances, gave rise to what has governed this world since the time the human race began.
Blind faith.

When you think about it, you as an intelligent human being, capable of so much, are asked to believe that an entity that we at this present moment in time cannot understand, is controlling everything in the universe. Not only does it control an innumerable amount of star systems and their entire contents, but it controls everything you as an individual have and will be subjected to. It will then make you give an account of your life and reward you accordingly. Due to the necessity of this entity to embrace everything good, the creation of an evil counterpart duly followed. This counterpart could not represent as an immaculate image as the one representing good. It had to be fallible. Something that represented good was to be the Achilles heel. This threat of an eternity in companionship with this evil counterpart is now the accepted school of thought. Humans were responsible for the existence of words that mean good. Humans are also responsible for the creation and meaning of words that mean evil. Heaven and Hell or the equivalents thereof are creations of humans. Angels and demons are creations of the hierarchal structure. But you as an individual are expected to believe these things not only exist, but you are to fear them. Iconic-based religious schooling tells you to fear something that you know for a fact cannot exist.
Humans fear everything they cannot explain, and they need a scapegoat for everything. If something wonderful happens in your life then you thank your god for being so kind. If something terrible happens then it is put down to either mysterious workings by your god or the actions of the evil counterpart. In reality when things go either really well for people in life or really bad, is the result of a chain of events that you may or may not have been a contributing factor. We as humans are born into an alien environment than the one where our lives began. We begin to breath a mixture of gases we call air and the first time this air enters our physical beings, our lives as an infant begin. We are not asked if we want to be born. We then try to survive as best we can until our physical frames can no longer function properly and we eventually cease to exist. That’s it. There is no more and no less to life than that.
Humans are fallible. We are not immortal. We want to be immortal. We so desperately need the promise of immortality, that we are willing to bow and worship icons and ideals. Without this immortality reward at the end of a long and hard life, most humans would rather end their existence by their own hands now, as their futures are not going to change in the very near future if at all. So why should they ? The thought of immortality not being the case when you cease to exist as a human being, is a dangerous and frightening thought. Dangerous and frightening if you still believe in the need for the entire religious movement as it stands today. The removal of all religious behaviour in the world would bring on the end of humankind. Without the safety and comfort of what religion offers and had to offer to exist, humans would revert back along the evolutionary ladder. The reintroduction of the laws of the jungle would mean the annihilation of many cultures, and eventual extinction of the human race. What is needed is a simple, logical solution to the problem.
Too many great nations have used too much time to invent long and complicated solutions to global problems as not to offend anyone who is involved in the problem.
Simplicity is the answer. Going to the root of the problem and changing the foundations of all cultures is what is required. Small changes at this level will expand exponentially as to give every society that exists today, a chance to start over, and still have all the ideals of their own religious convictions intact. It removes the need for one global faith. It means that every religious movement that exists today can exist tomorrow and function basically in the same way as it has always done and was invented to do. This will also bring around the question for the need of some religious movements to exist. The society, which allows the existence of the movement, will also be the one to make the decision for it’s continuation or demise.
Humans need to be in control of the future of mankind. Where accepted religious convictions leave questions unanswered in a veil of mystery and the unknown. A simple solution can give you answers to all of these questions too. Answers to global problems here and now, answers to potential global problems too. The simple solution gives the need for weapons to be a critical part of our future. Human folly and wishful thinking would try to give a solution that meant the cessation of all wars by the abolition of weapons. The cessation of wars is attainable with weapons and the reasoning is very logical and simple too.

What we do still fear is the future. We cannot control the future, therefore we fear it. Humans need the ideology of hope to reason our existence. We need hope. This solution will give us the hope we need. We had it all the time. Now is the time to use it. Do not think that we can wait. Our history shows us. Humans suffer needlessly every time.

This project draws a heavy price. What you are about to read will ask you to dismiss everything you have ever believed in. Then ask you to believe in the necessity of its folly. We as a species trying to survive, have become our own worse enemies. This book will prove this is a necessary evolutionary step. We are destroying the very fabric of life around us. Our natural given environment is suffering, thus the environment of every living creature on this planet is in danger of extinction. Even our own human influenced environment is suffering. We are destroying the very buildings we create with the pollution we produce. Our needs and wishes far surpass our environments. We constantly want more and more of everything, when others want nothing more than to be allowed to live. Human ego exacts a price. The price will be our existence.

What is one of the most common wishes of children throughout the world ? World peace and an end to all illnesses, so they never have to needlessly lose a loved one again. Most humans know what it means to a child to lose someone they have loved with all their being. We all lose loved ones for the wrong reasons. The loss is hard to cope with. Not every human has had the privilege of receiving love. Humans have an incredible ability to accept what life has to give us. Even when this means the death of another Human life becomes part of the accepted environment without remorse. Human life has to have a purpose. Without it, we may as well destroy ourselves now.

Evolution in measured in stages. Human life is measured in this way too. Humans have taken the first steps of awareness. Now let us take the first step into Human self-awareness. Because we demand the existence of hope in our lives, we have always looked for a better existence than that, we are experiencing. Humans have invented the concept of what a heaven must be like. Every human who has ever contemplated this, is sure that it is better than living here on earth. Humans invented the existence of this heaven out of necessity. To give it an image humans can understand. We express it in a human manner, following human values, and human structures. For heaven to exist it has to have a creator. This creator could not be a human. This is beyond our capabilities. Thus deities and their respective religions were born.
Variations arose purely because we do not all live in the same immediate local environment. Those unique environments created the uniqueness of each religion. All religions preach love and well being for the faithful. Few practise this. The assurance and well being a true believer of a deity feels, is the way they want everybody to feel. To such an extent that our species are willing to kill fellow humans until they understand just how good this feeling is.

This solution can give you the same assurance and feeling of well-being. The only difference between this solution and the one you may have found elsewhere is the lack of a deity worship. Worship of a deity is unnecessary. It is a human trait invented by humans for the soul purpose of control by fear. This solution will put the hope of mankind back into its rightful position. In the hands of humans. It is not an impossible task, this solution requires faith too. Faith in ourselves. We did not have any influence in the creation of humans, but surely we ought to have an influence in our future. The same amount of faith we put in our present religions, should be given to the will of the human species to survive.

We prove time and time again, if we believe in something, there is no task we are not willing to undertake and overcome to show our convictions. We believe that a bridge will support us every time we cross it, or we would not use the bridge. We believe the engineers using their own restrictive mortal capabilities, are correct in their assumption of the materials needed to build the bridge. When a human who has the title of engineer, tells you that the bridge will hold your weight, we accept it readily. Or there would not be any bridges.

Show the same faith in our ability to secure our future.

Humans lack any form of natural protection. We use tools. Other species on this planet utilise tools too, but none in comparison to us. Our intelligence is our primary form for defence and separates us from the other species on this planet. We are not superior to these creatures, we are just better equipped to survive in different environments through the use of our intelligence. In fact if you look at any living organism on this planet, they are the at the very pinnacle of their own evolutionary ladder to survive as well as they do in their own environments. They live in a food chain. We do not. They need their forms of defence and attack purely to survive in their given local environments. We do not. Yet they do not kill each other needlessly.

Be thankful our ancestors ventured out of our previous environment. Humans are like all other living creatures on the planet with the ability of motion, we are explorers. We are the only mammalian species that can transcend all barriers between different environments. We can survive the heat of the deserts and the bitterly cold conditions of the polar regions. We can survive temporarily in alien environments too. Humans can enter the void of outer space and the deepest oceans. Due to this we have always put ourselves above all other creatures on earth. Humans are as much part of the animal life on earth as the mightiest elephant or the humblest insect. We have just evolved into the dominant species, even with all of our physical limitations.

Humans are fiercely proud of all our achievements, proud to boast of our intelligence, yet we kill each other for all the wrong reasons. War teaches us one useful thing. The need for defence. Without defence our species would perish. We have mastered the art of defence to such an extent that we can extinguish the very existence of every living species on this plant, millions of times over. We wrongly use the principle of the need for defence. All armed forces throughout the world defend borders. These are human defined borders. We made the natural mistake of thinking the world had to be split up into regions. Human defined regions. We have always concentrated our defences of our own local environment. This governs who and what believe to be true, so why not? The solution to this problem as one of many, is to make humans aware that our local environment is the ENTIRE planet.

We still need to defend ourselves, but now the enemy we face is not another human being and human belief, it is the unknown threats we will face in our future. We have so many challenges to face, both terrestrial and extra terrestrial. Viruses still kill humans everyday, the likelihood of a devastating impact from another celestial body etc. There are many threats to the survival of our species. Do not let humans be the reason for our despise. Although not in our immediate future, the necessity to leave this planet will arise. Thus our future thus lies in the exploration of our universe.

This book is based on many things, human history of achievements, human behavioural observations etc. Realising of course it can only be written within the spectrum of the collective knowledge of humans at this time. I am not asking you to believe in great unexplainable concepts. I am asking you to believe in the only thing we humans have. We have it every second of our existence, ourselves. I am asking you to believe in something you can see, feel, ask questions to and receive answers, and something you as an individual can influence. Something that you can understand no matter who you are. Even though different people will interpret the solution differently, the essence of it cannot be misunderstood.
This is survival. Not survival of the strongest. Survival for every human being.

There is no entity that is all forgiving, all knowing, ever-present etc. If there were such an entity, why should it bother with a self-destructive species, like humans? No entity will give you eternal life in the heaven of your choice. The universe teaches us that even from the tiniest organism we can see to the stellar giants, death is inevitable. Immortality is a human wish. Only a mortal being can wish for immortality. Being born of human thought, immortality is what the human race must endeavour to pursue. We know the answer to immortality is not available here on earth. Logic depicts that we must search elsewhere. We know the vastness of the universe; we also accept that we will not be able to do this in our own lifetime. It will take generations of humans to achieve universal exploration. We cannot achieve any of this, if we do not stop trying to eradicate every living thing on this planet.

The book gives an acceptable logical solution to, amongst others, the following subjects :

The meaning of life
Why are we here?
Where did we come from?
Why Humans are the way we are.
Why Deity worship arose.
Why Deity worship was a necessity.
Why Deity worship needs to be changed.
How the world’s population can achieve the ultimate goal of peace, without the loss of a single human life.
A description of what our future could hold.
A solution to the transitional period caused by the lack of Deity worship.
How to understand and cease the repression of all people.
How to unite EVERY nation.
Explain the true equalities between the sexes.

All of these questions can be answered by the simple logical interpretation, of one human who found out what true love is about, it’s about surviving as best you can and giving your children the best possible hope for a brighter future.

This is the reasoning of one human, who on a journey through life, found understanding through experiencing true love for the first time. How can a solution born out of spirit of true love, not give hope for a future? Every member of the Human race can share this feeling, it can also be a prominent foundational parameter, helping to secure the existence of the human race in the future. Answers born of love, have to be the best answers a human could ask for.

Read this book with an open mind, and it will open your eyes.

Some people believe that as an individual they cannot make a difference. We have been taught by democracy the influence of many. An individual reached the solution. I truly believe that this solution can make one of the most prolific differences in the history of our species. I truly believe that the influence of one truth, is greater than any other influence. As does every deity fearing individual. It will show that humans can save the human race, not a God. Before you judge me and the solution contained in the text. Read it ALL, then, and only then can you judge it to be true or just another false message of hope given to mankind by a fool. I do this to ensure that the people who have shown me what true love means, have the best future possible, after all that is what we all want for our offspring. Our future is their present, never forget that.


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