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By Steve
Mosquitoes and horse flies suck blood and are quite an annoyance. How about genetically engineering them so they suck fat instead of blood?

Think about it: The bulk of people in the Western world are overweight, and the situation is getting worse every year. Liposuction is expensive. Wouldn't it be great to go for a camping holiday in the swamps and come back with the ideal body shape?
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By Steve
Mosquitoes, to be able to extract blood, need to inject a certain liquid (containing various substances to liquify and prepare the blood for suction).

Surgeons, to be able to extract fat, also need to inject a certain liquid (containing various substances to liquify prepare the fat for suction).

Terrible idea or not, fat being flesh is probably not such a problem here. I guess the bigger issue is that the fatsqitoes would probably have to be the size of hamsters to pull this off and inject/bite deep enough. :o
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By AaronBurns
Fatsquitoe Fat Camp.
Gather 300 around your stomach then, eat your three squares a day.
Possibly, a very quality idea that has yet to be realized.
The liquid sent out by a Fat Mosquito would have to be injected by it, in order to work properly.
I would liken it to liposuction with microscopic suckers instead of intrusive surgery.
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