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By neopole
When people use the toilet, lots of smells are generated. Currently the smells are removed by windows, fans or perfume sprays. My idea is to build a raised toilet seat that has a vacuum hose attached so as to extract smell from the bowl and blow them outdoors. The seat would look similar to a motorcycle tyre. Im sure this would bring the toilet into the 21 century.

Reward: give a discount to vegetarians
By Tommahawk
Fairly decent concept, my idea was to remove the box that comes with the toilet with a release valve system instead. You flush, valve system opens water gushes out, slowly the valve closes again and stops the flush from going forever. As for your idea toilets have smelt since that were made, anything to stop that is worth a try.
By valley
When people use the toilet, lots of smells are generated. Currently the smells are removed by windows, fans or perfume sprays. Instead doing this make an outlet that well direct to an pipe that is can be connected to an LPG TANK for refilling. Since the odor that will come out instead is a bio gas. For doing this you can economically use your money.
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By Michael D. Grissom
There are at least four different products on the web (not in stores) available to resolve this toilet smell problem. CleanAire is one and I don't remember the names of the others -- only how they work. All are totally different in the way they solve the problem and most involve power, fans, and charcoal filtering. One even draws air from the bowl and pumps it into the wall between the studs (a kit BTW).

Now for the good part: Two years ago I was challanged to invent one that beats all the others hands-down and I did. It has no moving parts, fans, or carbon filters that need changing. It's totally silent, installs exactly like any toilet seat replacement, defumes the entire bathroom, is built into a standard toilet seat configuration (not the lid), and is invisable. It is by far the best-of-the-best, extremely inexpensive to manuf. and is NOT patented. I will email anyone interested in seeing it, all of the colorful 3D graphics and mechanical drawings (GIF's). I haven't had the time to do anything with it in two years and probably never will so, I now submit this to PUBLIC DOMAIN in this forum.

BTW -- Given the time, I'll be PUBLIC DOMAINing a few hundred inventions into the CreativityPool just for fun. Stay tuned!
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By Michael D. Grissom

This little $50 Ramsey Electronics 'Ion Wind Generator' 1 hour kit displayed above is the least expensive and most effective way that I know of to completely eliminate ALL bathroom odors. It's 4 to 5 times too powerful for a bathroom but is fully adjustable. After proving the concept with my kit, I disassembled it and rearranged all its parts to fit inside a carved out wooden toilet seat to make my prototype. I have uploaded the prototype graphics to Steve so that they may be displayed here for anyone that wants to build one.

You can find a lot more information on the kit at: ... on&key=IG7
My ion ozone toilet seat invention in the image I posted above was submitted by Burt V. Julio as a patent application on 1-24-2003 and was awarded on 9-7-2004 as U.S. Patent No. 6,785,912 and can be viewed at link: ... dq=6785912

I will contact Burt in San Diego, CA to find out if he has sold or licensed it yet -- just for curiosity sake and post that info here.
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