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By jenfox2229
If matching socks isn't bad enough, how frustrating is it when you find 2-3 socks with no mates.

My idea is to attach a snap to each sock. Before you throw your socks into the hamper, simply snap them together. The socks will stay attached through the washer and dryer. (I've actually made some, and it does work.) The snaps could be colored to match the sock or have the companies name or symbol on it, such as the Nike swoosh.

I've found two drawbacks:
*Will the other people in your home take the extra two seconds to snap the socks together? (Questionable in my household)
*The sock companies may lose some sales if people aren't losing their socks as much.

Reward: A lifetime supply, to make my life easier. And an instruction manual on how to work a snap for the others in my home!
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By Steve
Interesting idea! Actually, I've never contemplated where in the process those socks do get lost. But it's true, as long as they're on your feet, there are usually two of them, the danger starts when you take them off... - so if you clip them together right away, there's actually no chance that you will end up with only one.

Still, for scientific purposes it would be interesting to equip each sock with a mini-sender, so people would finally find out what happens to those "other" socks... ;-)
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By Michael D. Grissom
I've got some ideas about where the socks go...
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By Michael D. Grissom
Some links for sock clips/locks: ... 786642.asp

The last link has a package of 20 sock locks for $3.50.
I've used this type for almost 10 years and buy them at K-mart.

If your cost concious, I've heard that the plastic Bread Tabs work pretty good as sock locks.
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By Steve
Great - combined with those mini-senders, we could even find out where those aliens live! :-]
By jojesek
You are so not going to believe this, but I have been think about this very same thing. I was thinking snaps or velcro. I also wonder if the people in my house know how to work a snap so with velcro you can't go wrong. I've heard the bread bag tag thing before but that would just never happen around here.

[EDITED by Steve: please don't claim a reward for an idea somebody else has posted!]
By xaipe
Great Idea, especially for folding time! I just wanted to share atechnique of mine with you, After a while of being a domestic goddess, I grew tired of it. Most especially weary of dirty sock hunting. I implemented a new policy, "if it's not in the hamper, it doesn't get washed". Period. No exceptions. I haven't lost any socks yet. (Or favorite sweaters, boxers, etc.) With my family at least, once they summoned up the energy to properly use the hamper they would always take the time to but both socks in. ;-D
By Louisiana_Girl_1984
We are in the process of trying to patent this product and to copyright the name "Snappy Socks" which I find odd that you actually call it the same thing LOL I guess great minds think alike. I created Snappy Socks in 1994 for an Invent America Fair at my Elementary school back in Baton Rouge , Louisiana. I have the blue ribbon and trophy for it too. It works reall well with my kids.... they find it fun. :D
By cybercon
Someone came up with this as a product got to pairakeets .... com for PAIR-A-KEETS

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