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By astumpinit
Here's a Few Idea's That I Have that Cover A Wide Area Of Type and Purposes. We All Get Upset Stomachs and So Do Our Pets I don't know if this is out but [b]PetBismo Would Probably Be A Hit because I myself would buy that to Save Time from Standing outside in The Cold While Poochy Takes his Time Trying To Calm His Belly Down Dogs Eat Grass to settle their stomachs so Maybe it'd be a grass taste? AiM (Aol Instant Messanger) Program That Ties Into Buddy Profiles Alot Of People Like To Make Their Profile's Special My Idea Is To Make Audio Profiles To Set A Certain Style and Perfection To Peoples Profiles.People Could Upload Instrumentals (Songs Without Words) To Create Their own Freestyle Type Of Profile/Animal Lover Gag Gift Dog Condoms The Back Of it Might Say Just Because You Can't Get Laid Doesn't Mean Your Pet Can't These Are Just a Few Idea's That I've Came Up With Let Me Know What You People Think Of Them I'm Only 17 So I don't Know what's all out there haha.[/b]

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