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By cynet
I like the idea. Very creative; but I like the idea of a digital clock.
And the ability to set a alarm would be nice.
Instead of having solid colored lights, I would have multicolored leds behind a lightly difused dome. So colors would come at random. And glow in the dark. If possible, not label any buttons (like play or volume) just have a set of instructions on how to use it.
Looking at the unit I would make both ends scan forward or backward through the radio or CD player.
The bigest buttons on the face volume up or down.
One big button up top - play/pause.
And of couse a stop.
I can tell you thought this out.
Plus with a digital clock, you could easily convert this to a radio display. 99.5 or whatever.
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By cynet
I was just driving home and a plethora of ideas came to mind.

And a internal mic. This would allow the lights to blink to the beat of the music.

Now I am going for a new design. Bear with me. The end domes would rotate forward and up. The top buttons would tilt down more and out. In doing so the whole unit could be tilted backwards at a forty-five degree angle. This would allow kids the play the unit like it was a drum set. Program a Snare, Base, Cymbol, and Closed Hi-Hat. And a couple other drums.

Now for a game mode. Simon Says, How much can you remember?

A wireless mike! Can you say, and I can't spell: (karoke)
Ahhhh . . . forget that. Make it wired. How many distrought parents do we want looking for a misplaced mike.

Since we have a mike. . . how about a retractabe mike stand.
Hay why not sing and play at the same time.

Since we have a mic, how about some kind redording device. You could add a small micro drive to the unit. This would allow them to record their masterpiece and or music as a MP3 for later playback, or even add a few hundred songs to their jukebox. That way they could way up to just about anysong they wanted.
Be that may be their own.

You may think this may too far out of reach for your target audence; but I don't think so. Let them expand their exclipodable lobe; and maybe some day they will be better spellors than I.

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