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By Anthony Woodhead
During the last few months there has been a rush of child abductions in the U.K. Most of these cases conclude in quite tragic circumstances. A case this week in Cambridge, which involved two ten-year-old friends, led me to the following idea.

The police didn’t pursue a case of abduction until three days had passed. By this time the children could be anywhere.

I don't want to be seen as profiteering on these tragedies nor do I wish to use scare tactics in advertising, but the truth is technology is available today that, with a little adapting, can save a lot of time and lives and in some cases prevent this sort of thing happening altogether.

Allot of us have cars with GPS location or tracking. There are even battery powered personal location devices available on the market. Pets are fitted with id chips, criminals are tagged, and yet the most precious commodity that the human race can produce is left to fend for itself. There is a global market of children who need to be protected, and we can do something about it.

What would it take to develop these devices for the protection of our children?

Please contact me for further information.
By Guest
I have been pondering the same issues. Being a father of three and an electronic design engineer, I have been feeling for some time that I should be applying technology to increase my family's security. The events in Soham have increased the level of urgency.

It is certainly something worthy of further study.
By denise
I think this is a great idea. Maybe a bracelet or something attached to the shoe. How would you go about this. I am talking to the Engineer?
By pooface228
I know that they do those implants under the skin on pets. I imagine if you wanted to do that to your kid you could track them the same way.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Go to "" and purchase one if you wish.

I only knew about this because they spammed me with it six weeks ago. I don't have any kids so, I used it to spam everyone I know that does.

Also, I just did an additional quick search and found the price varies considerably from internet retailer to internet retailer for this product so, shop around.
By butterfly
I would love to see a tracking device that was fitted unobtrusivly - ie like a small watch, braclet or anklet that was also water proof. As my children become more independent with their afterschool activities, I would have peace of mind to know I could locate them even if they went swimming and not have a device in a bag or a shoe that would get left behind. I am in Australia and have been looking for such a device.

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