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By Juji
Sorry ladies, but this one is mainly for the guys. Although this might passively benefit you. Just hear me out.

Ever go into a toilet, especially a public toilet, and society forces you to relieve yourself with the seat up, but you don't want to touch that filthy toilet seat? The answer is actually VVVEEEERRRRYYY simple.

You know those trash cans with a foot pedal that opens the lid? why not use the same mechanism to open toilet seats? This way, guys walk up to the toilet and step on the pedal at the side of the toilet (this way it doesn't interfere when you sit down to do the old number 2) and the seat springs up. when you're done, step off, and the seat comes back down so it's ready for the next person.

This way, guys don't have to touch the seat, and women don't have to deal with men urinating on the seat or having to put the seat down every time.

Reward: Just let me know if my idea helps you.
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By Steve
Love it! ;D Simple idea, and makes you scratch your head why nobody came up with it yet.

May I just suggest that the seat should stay UP after pushing the foot pedal, with another push required to lower it again? Otherwise it is too likely to get in the way of the urinating process, and then the mess would be worse than before. :wink:
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