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By b_miller46
People speed, we all do it but we know its wrong. Every act we take in life has consequences and we shouldn't get away with speeding.

When you purchase a vehicle you have to give your credit card information just like when you register a new phone. Newer cars all come with GPS that can calculate your exact speed. If you decide to speed you are automatically charged 1 cent / second times KM/h over the limit you are. For example if you are driving 10Km/h over the limit you are charged 10cents /second. $6/min.

Cuts cost to tax payers in the form of additional police officers needed and radar equipment / definitely safer / could reduce accidents? In emergency situations where you need to speed (should be never) you will automatically accept the additional cost.

I thought of this when thinking about the future of autonomous vehicles that will eventually drive us around and this type of thing won't be necessary. However, while autonomous vehicles will be automatically going the speed limit, people who do not wish to adopt this technology will continue to drive above the speed limit, putting everyone else in danger. This type of penalty could positively influence these people to adopt autonomous technology if its not made mandatory in the first place.

What do you think? I understand there would be colossal cost to implement this but I am thinking 10 -20 years down the road (pun) when technology has progressed.
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By Steve
I sense two problems:

#1 this would basically make speeding legal for those who can afford it. I foresee a huge safety issue by some executive VIP driving his new girlfriend through town at 100 km/h and demonstrating how much money he has to burn.

#2 For the average perpetrator though, this is still too hefty. Imagine the average family going on vacation and exceeding the allowed speed on the highway just slightly, but for the entire day. By the evening, they would be broke and could turn right back.

I also doubt this would be legal. As far as I'm aware, the police aren't allowed to secretly follow a traffic offender for the purpose of collecting fines (i.e. if he jumps a red light, they need to stop him and can't wait for the next intersection in hopes he will jump the red light as well and they can fine him twice). A central system monitoring speeding but doing nothing to actually stop the offense would come fairly close to this scenario.
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By andrew.bondarenko
Actually it is something that needs to be done, I had similar idea myself before. Currently the problem (at least in many places) is that it is considered OK to exceed speed limit slightly, like 10 - 20 km/h above posted one. In this situation more danger is created not as much by those who are speeding (unless they are speeding a way above posted speed limit, like 100 km/h in town) but exactly by those who strictly adhere to posted speed limit and by doing so create obstacle for others who tend to overtake them all the time. I have seen a huge count of dangerous situations on the road caused by this.

Nevertheless, it is simpler just fine speeders by GPS data automatically and at the same time have speed limits set by voting based on objective data etc. Even better is to have flexible speed limits depending on time of the day or season, weather conditions, type of the vehicle and driver's qualification. So you can earn higher speed limit if you pass certain exams and select an appropriate type of the vehicle or will be inevitably fined if you exceed these limits.
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