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would you go to a dance club where you could sing AND dance, see guys topless and girls in bathing suits?

Maybe once
No votes
hell yeah!
only if someone dragged me
By ~RainBaby~

This was at first my idea for my dream house. But then i decided if I spend the money to build this I should share the joy, go all out and make it a dance club. So imagine a water dance club. In every sense. The dance floor would drop off into huge pools. Some would be deep so you can just dive... others not so you can walk in. There would be hallyways where the water is about waist level and benches, like in a hot tub. There would be tables built into the ground and the walls, and cup holders, all designed not to float away ; ) I'll have a sprinkler room, with all different fun water attractions. I'll have strong sexy guys and hot sexy women that are certified life gaurds. They'll have towels, and everytime someone gets out of the water they get handed a towel. I'll sell bathing suits just plain white (for the black lights) and black, one peice and two peices for the girls, and no speedos = ) This way if anyone didn't understand that this is a WATER night club, the're still set. When I think of it, the music, the lights, the water, mmmmn I love it. This will be an investment I make when I'm rich. I really don't think anyone will steal my idea. lol. but who knows, I'd love a free VIP pass for life. I'm a weirdo, so I have no clue if it's a good idea or if I'm just a nut. What do you say, Would you go to H2O??

oooh I just noticed the poll... hehehe

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