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By Bluecube
A browser feature that will let you block all future access to the website where you are now. Good for when you hit some annoying link, where you never want to accidentally go again.

Reward: This feature on an updated browser
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By Michael D. Grissom
HEY!... what a really cool idea! Sorta like a "FAVORITES" or "BOOKMARK" button in reverse -- and it's easily doable. It might be a good idea to drop this in the Netscape suggestion box. Also,.. Safari browser seems to be the most innovative browser out there right now and they would probably love this idea. Let me know if you do NOT want to take the time to submit this to them and I'll do it for you. If I do it, I'll list the suggestion as being from BlueCube at the CreativityPool forum.

If I don't hear back from you in 5 seconds -- I'll do it.

By Dinoduck94
It has been done by google... if you search something on google, enter a site and come straight back out of it, you will be given a chance to block that website, really quite handy if you accidently click on a link that has no relevance to the search and you never want to see it again due to it's content :/
By johnkerr
Just because it's been done doesn't mean you can't do it better, all of the methods mentioned are kind of clunky.

You should look into developing something for the chrome store or something similar.

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