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By Lodger
This idea is an off-shoot from the popularity of Swatch watches, and adds a special feature that is easy for kids to use amd makes the product very versatile.

What if a watch was marketed in a package that had 5 different watch bands and was aimed at girls 12-17? The bands would come in different colors and designs to allow the girls flexibility is selecting the right color for their outfit. After all, girls this age are becoming very fashion conscious.

The rub to the deal is that the watch and watch bands come with a quick connection device that allows easy changeover from one band to the next. Two buttons on each side of the watch can click in and out, similar to the clicking action on a ball-point pen. The girl clicks the buttons on each side of the watch and the band is released. They attach another color band by slipping it between the buttons and clicking again. The new band is in place for the day.

I could definitely see this as something that would be hot around the holidays in a Toys-R-Us. It could be marketed in "sets" with one watch and several bands (as sort of a starter kit) and the girls could buy subsequent bands and different watches as well.

I'm interested to know your thoughts on this idea.

Reward: Having my daughters be VERY impressed with their dad!
By gruitamarius
:-/ Sorry to disappoint you but I've seen, 15 years ago, a set made by Swatch, with 5 belts and 5 rings, blue, black, white, green and red. Maybe, if they would do something colourful, Barbie style, can make your girls happy.;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
If you google search keywords "interchangeable watch bands" you will find that looks perfect for teenage girls. There are 16 bands for this watch and I have attached 8 of them below. So,.. now you can tell your daughter that your idea was SO good that their being sold all over the internet! ;-D
By Lodger
I was thinking more along the lines of the Swatch response from above. Flat bands, not the beaded bands. :,-(

The key to the whole thing is the connection process. Notice the teeny tiny eyelets that have to be disconnected to attache to the watch. I'm thinking that the "bic pen" clicker-type of attachment is the way to go here, especially for younger girls. :-P
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By Michael D. Grissom
If you can figure a way to do the "bic pen" quick disconnect in such a way that it could not be accidentally bumped into operation (loss of watch) then, this would probably be patentable because it would be MUCH faster and user friendly.

I'll get back to you just as soon as I'm finished talking to my patent attorney.

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