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By seyonfarm
As the mother of two girls, I am very familiar with the question....." Mom, where is the hair brush"? I would like to invent some sort of retractable device that is self sticking, and small, that you can attatch a hairbrush to. I would like it to be used in the car, under the bathroom sink, etc.........[/b]
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By Michael D. Grissom
To be practical and easy to use, you would have to detach the retractable cord to use the brush and kids are not likely to replace it when done.

Another solution would be electronic "key finders" sold at places like Radio Shack, Kmart, WalMart, etc. The package I bought came with one tiny remote control and two really tiny self sticking "beepers" to attach to the keys, remote controls, purses, or whatever you keep losing. Range is about 50 feet through walls.

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