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By Harmeet Singh Bhulla
1. There should be suitable Qualification (at least graduation) for every position in the Government. e.g Prime minister, home minister. or either they should have to study for atleast 1 year to hold that postion. A training college should be made for their training.
2. To control the population the benefits should be given to people with less kids. With more kids should have pay penalties.
3. Everyone should put their effort to control the wastage of water. The earth should be recharged with rain water. All the rivers in a country like India should be linked and connect to lakes so that whenever and whereever water is required, it can be transferred. The states like Assam has floods and the states like Orissa and Gujrat suffer from drought every year. So much of water go waste in Brahmputra.
4. Nuclear power can be produced in india and nuclear waste can be dumped deep into the earth in places which are isolated from the human beings like deserts of Australia, Cold places of north pole etc. or under glaciers.
5. The roads should be made of waste like rubber and polybag waste

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By Steve
I like #1 - after all, politician is one of the few jobs where no qualifications are required whatsoever.

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