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By hpravin
We all know of answering machines in phones that read out a specific message for any call when we do not pick up the receiver for a few rings. I suggest an option to have customised answering based on who is calling. Example, if any of your relatives are calling when you are out on a tour, the message can be "I'm off to India. Will be back on 10th" while for others, you could just say "Pls leave ur number and I'll call back"

Reward: The product itelf for free (home delivered!)
By spanky47
I like this idea.....

I have found myself in a situation many a time where I would have liked to leave a specific message to a specific person (or people)....but didn't want to broadcast it "to the world".

Recently, I was in a situation where a family member was very sick and at the hospital. I needed to be there PRONTO...but it would have been nice to record a message to that effect and "designate" that message to other family members and friends.

This technology may be available on commercial systems....but I doubt that is available on home or personal systems.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Your phone wishes are available! ... 7D39-prod1

AT&T 1782 Digital Answering Machine

....If you are expecting a call from a friend and you were to meet them but had to leave the house, you are able to record a specific outgoing message that will play to that phone number only. A recording like "Kathy, I left the house late so I will be there in a few minutes." This can be a useful feature, but you must have caller ID for it to work, so for some people it may be useless!

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